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Mail Backup X is the most secure third party app to backup your apple mail email database. Not only apple mail but Mail Backup X supports all the other email clients on mac such as Outlook for mac, Mozilla Thunderbird, Postbox, etc. So get your hands on the free trial version today!


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Backing up Apple Mail data using Mail Backup X for Mac Backing up Apple Mail data using Mail Backup X for Mac is the best thing that has happened to Apple Mail users. Have you ever tried backing up your emails by making copies of the data on portable devices like USB or a secure server just to end up with lost information That sounds like you used then the wrong tool for the job. Security of your mail is something that you should no longer take for granted this is because as much as our emails are stored by our various mail clients they can still get lost through a number of ways such as hacking by professional hackers your hardware can fail at some point and you may end up losing your Apple Mail data. Backup your Apple Mail email data automatically with the efficient Mail Backup X for Mac Mail Backup X is a new tool that features an in-built Auto USB Backup Sync feature which you set up once and map a USB drive to backup Apple Mail data. Once set it will always remember when it is plugged on and start backing up Apple Mail data automatically. This is very efficient and saves you a lot of time. The Mail Backup X is also a very flexible tool because of the inbuilt emails conversion engine that it comes with. This

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engine gives the users freedom of movement in between different mail clients. This feature is very helpful not only to individuals but to businesses as well because being able to convert to and from all major emails formats such as .mbox .rge .olm that are supported by clients like Outlook Mac Outlook Windows Gmail and even Yahoo is very convenient to the business. Do not worry if you use more than one OSX mail client because the Mail Backup X for Mac will still handle everything for you If on top of your Apple Mail data you have other mail clients do not worry because the Mail Backup X allows you to import emails archive files from other mail clients such as Outlook Windows and Mac 2011 Archive Thunderbird Postbox among others. The emails are usually backed up as they arrive in your mail account. When backing up your Apple Mail data and the backup files are just too many the Mail Backup X has an algorithm called the ultra-high compression technology whose job is to compress the emails and save up to three times of your storage space. And all this process is done at high speed. It also encrypts Apple Mail data for security. Converting your Apple Mail emails to PDF format and even printing them is all possible with this tool at any time. This is a tool that is trusted by millions of users worldwide and it is high time you tried it out.

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