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United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit There are thirteen courts of appeals in United States which are present diferent circuits of the country. These courts of appeals handle most of the cases all over the year and are known to most signifcant courts in United States. The districts that come under third circuit are Delaware New Jersey and Eastern Middle and Western district of Pennsylvania. Third circuit court of appeals is one the thirteen courts of appeals in United States. It is a natonal court with appellate authority over district courts. Virgin Island District Court also comes under the appellate authority of court of appeals in third circuit. Currently there are fourteen judges and court is located at Pennsylvania. In James A. Byrne Courthouse all the cases are handled. President of United States nominates the judges and then the judges are confrmed by the senate of United States. The tenure of the judges is for lifetme and only leaves the post afer resignaton death or removed by approval of Senate in case of wrong practce. Current 14 judges of third circuit court of appeals are Theodore A. McKee is a chief judge Dolores Koran Sloviter Anthony Joseph Scirica Marjorie O. Rendell Maryanne Trump Barry Thomas L. Ambro Julio M. Fuentes D. Brooks Smith D. Michael Fisher Michael Chagares Kent A. Jordan Thomas M. Hardiman Joseph A. Greenaway and Thomas I. Vanaskie. Chief Judge is selected amongst the 14 judges. To be a chief judge person must be under 65 years of age in the group for one year and not been chief judge before.

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The tenure of chief judge is of 7 years. Chief Judge also has to leave the post at the age of 70. Next senior most eligible member flls the vacant positon of chief judge. Third circuit court of appeals was established in 1891 along with eight more circuits. Court of appeals for third circuit is originally known as the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. Appellate Procedure Federal Rules govern the process of the circuit court. A panel which consists of three judges hears all the appeals in the court. Only Supreme Court has the authority to review and overrule the decisions of circuit court under the writen petton fled by the party. Artcle : URL Call : 212.619.4949 Mail : appealsrecordpress.com Follow US On : Facebook Linkedin Twiter

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