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Apollo fusion splicer is a ruggedized, core alignment optical fibre fusion splicing machine, providing consistent, low loss, splice performance.


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Fusion Splicer and Accessories for Fibre Optic Cables

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Fusion splicer tools and accessories are used to connect two or more fibre optic cables. The splicing is done to give the same effect in connectivity through the fibre optic cable even when it has been spliced. Using heat, the glass refraction and reflection is avoided ensuring that there is no energy loss in transferring data through them.

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Let us take a look at top seven reliable Fusion splicer tools and compatible accessories for fibre optical cables used in the industry. Mass Fusion Splicer Mass fusion splicer is the standard splicing tool used in the industry. It comes with an automatic clamp force adjustment. It also has a Live Time Clamp Force Calibration that ensures that the operator can fine-tune the real-time fibre off-set adjustment. This allows the operator to adjust the lowest insertion loss during splicing at MPO ends.

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The mass Fusion splicer is the fastest splicing tool in the world that takes less than 70 seconds to perform a 12 count of optic fibre cable splicing, it is the reason it is quickly climbing up the popularity chart. It has a navigational touch screen with SD and USB port to connect to digital media interface. USP:

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V-Groove Fusion splicer The latest Fusion splicer is the V-Groove Fusion splicer. This Quantum core fusion splicer has unlimited data storage offering storage for multimedia channels like video, audio and software updates. The dual heat shrink ovens keep the temperatures under optimized limits to avoid damage to the splicer tool.

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Fusion Splicer Cleaning kit and transporting case Convenience in storage and transport is the most important thing to deal with while buying a fusion splicer. The modern day splicing kit comes with a cleaning package and convenient carrying case. It is packed into a single kit for effortless ordering. The cleaning kit identifies the rusts and contaminants decking over the fusion splicer. Any contaminant, if left unclean, can degrade the performance of the fusion splicer.

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Precision tools The setting of the fusion splicer is a very important procedure during the connection of optic fibre cables. The closest accuracy is derived by using the precision tools that calibrates the fusion splicer to its closest range.

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Blade rotation Cleaver with Scrap collector The blade rotation cleaver with scrap collector can accommodate the fibre optic cables in the range of one to twelve. It also accommodates the single fibre optic cables. The automatic set-ups reduce the time and error during the blade rotary motion adjustments. It is a user-friendly model that guarantees speed, precision, efficiency and workability .

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Fusion splicer Work platform The fusion splicer work platform allows the operator to conduct aerial and taut sheath splicing. It is light in weight and portable. The fusion splicer work platform is designed as per the standard configurations of the FTTH.

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