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Mushrooms BY: Jacob: 

Mushrooms BY: Jacob These are some pictures of mushrooms.

Mushrooms kingdom: 

Mushrooms kingdom They don’t make their own food! They recycle stuff! They have cell walls!

They are classified by clatagrams: 

They are classified by clatagrams They capture other organisms to eat There’s 3 main groups and they are club fungi, sac fungi, zygote fungi.

Club fungi: 

Club fungi My fungi is classified in club fungi. These are some pictures of some club fungi. The reason there classified in club fungi is because they have a reproductive structure, and the reason there called club fungi is cause they look like a club.

How my fungi reproduces, and eats, and move.: 

How my fungi reproduces, and eats, and move. It does not move. It uses hyphae to eat, and it reproduces it releases spores and they plant them selves in the ground they hopefully get their minerals from the ground.

What is special about my organisms.: 

What is special about my organisms. What is unique about my organism is that you can do many things with it you can eat it you can cook it you can even put it on pizza. Some of them cannot be eaten or they will make you sick.

Stories of fungi: 

Stories of fungi Were Alice in wonderland eats a big ol mushroom and she goes from big to small.

Club fungi sources: 

Club fungi sources Google.com-20 february2008 The Google institution of 2008 20 February 2008 Web address google.com

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