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Things about Slime Molds: 

Things about Slime Molds By : Justin Hickman

Characteristics of slime molds: 

Characteristics of slime molds Slime Molds are in the Protist kingdom Protists are one-celled or many-celled that live in moist and damp places They also have a nucleus and other cell parts


classification Plant-like Animal-like They have to catch their food so they can eat. Fungus-like They get their food by absorbing it out of their surroundings. They can make their own food by using photosynthesis. They have chlorophyll that helps them make it.

Group that slime molds are in: 

Group that slime molds are in Slime molds are in the fungus- like group.

How slime molds reproduce, eat, move: 

How slime molds reproduce, eat, move They reproduce through fission. They don’t make their own food they have to take in food from their surroundings. They move by a thing that is called a pseudopods.

How slime molds are bad: 

How slime molds are bad slime molds are harmful to your skin. The picture below is what it looks like on your skin.

Slime mold sporangia. : 

Slime mold sporangia.


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