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Trypanosomes By: Nicole Cottongim

Characteristics of Trypanosomes: 

Characteristics of Trypanosomes They are in the kingdom protozoa. They are unicellular microbes. They are herbivores and consumers. They play a role in bacteria population and biomass.

How different organisms are classified in protozoa: 

How different organisms are classified in protozoa They are classified in three different groups, plant-like, animal-like, and fungus like. Plant-like has to have the following: need to have chlorophyll and make their own food, have cell walls, and no special way to move. Animal like needs to capture other organisms to eat, they do not have cell walls, and they have a special way to move. Fungus like absorbs food from its surroundings, it can have cell walls, and have a special way to move around. Protozoa reproduce asexually.

The group it is classified in: 

The group it is classified in It is grouped in Kinetoplastea. a group of circular DNA inside a mitochondrion contains copies of the mitochondrial genome.

Eat, reproduce, and moving: 

Eat, reproduce, and moving Trypanosomes reproduces in the host blood by multiple fission. They are a parasite in the human blood. They move by their flagellum.

Do they cause an illness?: 

Do they cause an illness? Yes, they do cause an illness. They cause African Sleeping Sickness and Chaga disease.

Truth be told about trypanosomes: 

Truth be told about trypanosomes Sleeping sickness affects more than 60 million men, women, and kids in more than 36 countries.


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