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Paramecium : 

Paramecium By Landon Floyd


Protista Some protist have features of plants. Some create their own food and have chlorophyll. Some different protist have features of animals. They don’t contain any chlorophyll and can move. Some protist have a hard shell on the outer part of their bodies.

Classification of Protist: 

Classification of Protist Characteristics are classified in 3 different groups which are plantlike, animal-like, and funguslike. Plantlike has chlorophyll and makes its own food. Its cell structure has call walls. It has no way of moving from place to place. Animal-like catch other organisms and eat them. They don’t have cell walls. They have ways of moving from place to place. Funguslike absorb the food that is around them. Might have cell walls and might not. Also have ways to move around.

Classification of Paramecium: 

Classification of Paramecium It is in phylum ciliophora because it has cilia.

Reproduce, Eat , and Move.: 

Reproduce, Eat , and Move. Paramecium has to types of reproduction which is simple division and conjugation. Paramecium can move anywhere with cilia. Paramecium eats by the cilia putting food in a tiny mouth opening in the paramecium.


specialties One paramecium can eat more than 5000 bacteria in a day. It helps humans because it eats bacteria in the world.


scientist The people from C.N.R.S. are studying it in adaptation.


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