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Ergot Mold: 

Ergot Mold By: Mary Kelly

Characteristics on Fungi : 

Characteristics on Fungi Kingdom Fungi is animal-like and plant-like. Mushrooms, yeast, and mold are the main types of Fungi. Fungi reproduces by throwing off their spores which then grow into more Fungi. Fungi are natures recyclers.

The Different Organisms in Fungi: 

The Different Organisms in Fungi Mushrooms are types of Club Fungi. The spores of Club Fungi have club-shaped structure known as basidium. Molds, Yeast, and Truffles are types of Sac Fungi. The spores of Sac Fungi have saclike structure known as ascus. Black mold growing on bread or fruit is a type zygote fungi. Zygote produces spores in a round case known as sporangium.

Ergot Mold is Zygote Fungi: 

Ergot Mold is Zygote Fungi Ergot Mold is a type of Zygote Fungi. This shows that ergot is a zygote because of the sporangium.

How Ergot Mold reproduces ,eats, and moves: 

How Ergot Mold reproduces ,eats, and moves Ergot reproduces by releasing spores into the air. Then the spores land on the rye, people eat it and die. Ergot eats by shooting out their hyphae. Then the hyphae suck up the nutrients from the rye bread. Ergot doesn’t move. Once it gets somewhere it stays.

What Ergot Mold does to people and animals: 

What Ergot Mold does to people and animals Ergot Mold was in rye bread, and to the luck of the Europeans that was the type of bread they ate the most. Ergot mold made people go crazy and sometimes die. Most children didn’t live longer than a few years and if they did they have many chronic illnesses. It even affected animals if they ate it. So you have crazy animals and humans running around.

Ergot and Salem : 

Ergot and Salem Scientist hypothesize that Ergot caused the Salem witch hunts to happen. When the pilgrims came over to America they brought rye bread with ergot on it. So when the girls ate it they went crazy and BOOM the whole witch idea came up. It is hard to imagine that a little bit of bread could kill so many people.

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