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Information about Mount Vesuvius


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Mount Vesuvius The Dreaded Killer: 

Mount Vesuvius The Dreaded Killer By Benjamin Puckett

Where is Mount Vesuvius: 

Where is Mount Vesuvius Mt. Vesuvius is located in Pompeii, Italy Its has its own mountain range It is made under the African and Eurasian plate

What's that eruption: 

What's that eruption Mount Vesuvius has erupted 44 times since the eruption in A.D.79 When it erupted in A.D.79 it was a pyroclastic flow The A.D.79 eruption killed over an estimated 10,000 people.

The eruptions: 

The eruptions Everyone knows about the A.D.79 eruption but what about the other eruptions? The next most famous eruption from Vesuvius is the 1906 eruption that killed many people in Nepal. That eruption devastated many people in Nepal killing hundreds of people and destroyed the city

Vesuvius today: 

Vesuvius today Today Mount Vesuvius is still active and over 2 million people live there not including the tourists Mount Vesuvius is one of the most studied Volcanoes in the world


Naples Naples is the city nearest Mount Vesuvius Mount Vesuvius had its last eruption in 1994 Today mount Vesuvius is a national park

Interesting facts aboutVesuvius: 

Interesting facts about Vesuvius Up to today Mount Vesuvius has erupted 44 times Mount Vesuvius today is the deadliest volcano There is no myths about Vesuvius

Deadliest eruptions: 

Deadliest eruptions The most deadliest eruption of Vesuvius was in A.D.79 and destroyed two cities The second deadliest eruption of Vesuvius was in 1906 killing thousands We don’t know much about volcanoes but we do know that they are dreaded killers

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