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Statistics and information on some earthquakes


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What causes Earthquakes : 

What causes Earthquakes earthquakes happen when the rocks in the earth's crust bend and break which causes shock waves to travel on the earth's surface resulting in widespread destruction. It also happens When 2 plates move

Where do earthquakes occur : 

Where do earthquakes occur Earthquakes usually occur in places where 2 crusts meet called faults.

Different earthquakes: 

Different earthquakes Where: Southern Chile magnitude :9.5 Date: may, 29th 1960 Dead: 32290 where: Anchorage, Alaska, magnitude : 9.2, Date: march 28th, 1934, Dead: 131 Where: Tokyo , Japan, magnitude : 8.3, Date: September 1,1th 1923 Dead: over 140000 Where :Mexico city, Mexico, magnitude: 8.1, Date : September 20,1985, Dead: 40,000 Where: Izmit, turkey magnitude :7.8, Date: August 17th 1999, dead : 40000 Where :Chimbote, Peru magnitude : 7.75, Date: May 31, 1970, Dead : 50,000

More Earthquakes: 

More Earthquakes Where :Northern Iran magnitude: 7.7, date: June 21, 1990 Dead: 70,000 Where: Gansu, china magnitude:7.6 Date: December 25,1932 Dead: 70,000 Where: Massena, Sicily magnitude: 7.5 Date: December 20, 1908 dead: 85,000 Where: San Francisco, California magnitude: 7.1 Date: October 17, 1989 Dead: 67

Northridge Earthquake : 

Northridge Earthquake where: Las Angeles, California When: Jan. 17, 1994 magnitude: 6.7 Deaths: 57 I-5 & Antelope Valley Freeway Damage CSUN Parking Structure Damage Damage in Hollywood Sherman Oaks Apartment Damage Health Clinic Damage

Northridge earthquake: 

Northridge earthquake A movement on a fault Caused it Blind thrust (one the faults involved)

Andrea Matta : 

Andrea Matta “It all began during the night of January 17, 1994. It was 4:00 am, Everybody was asleep. I woke up to the loud screaming of my friend, "It is an earthquake! It is an earthquake! Get up! Get up!" I was half asleep. I didn't know what to do. I ran to my friend's room. She grabbed my hand and pulled me with her toward the door. We stood together hugging each other in fear underneath the door jam until the earthquake was over.” It lasted about 40 seconds, but it seemed like it never ended. The whole apartment was a mess. The cabinet door opened, and everything fell down and broke. All the pictures and plates hanging on the wall fell down and broke too. Even the TV and VCR broke.

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