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Peas : 


What do you like of peas : 

What do you like of peas I like them raw. I like them in soup I like them with meat I like to eat them fresh in the garden

How does it grow ? : 

How does it grow ? Peas grow in pod Peas grow on farms Farmers plant them Aeroplanes can spray them. Harvesters pick them. We plant peas in spring we pick them in summer.

What we use peas for : 

What we use peas for We eat peas Eat fresh peas Eat frozen peas Tinned peas Peas have to be cooked before you eat them.

Poem : 

Poem Peas are green Every type of pea grows in a pod A good taste Seed vegetables.

Life cycle : 

Life cycle Peas are the seeds of the pea plant they grow inside cases called pods . The peas are planted on a farm. They grow into a plant. The peas have flowers The flowers grow into a pod with peas in.

Kinds of peas . : 

Kinds of peas . William Massey Green feast Victory Onward Sugar snaps (eat pods raw)

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