The Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens You'll Love in 2019


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Behind Every Great Cook Is A Great Oven. If you have a plan to buying new outdoor pizza ovens, then this list of wood fired ovens help you in selecting the right one. Check out now!


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Grande G-Series - Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Powder Coated Black View Product


Built using 304 Grade Stainless Steel for heavy duty commercial use, restaurants, trailers, parties, large homes etc... Unlike clay domes that are more likely to crack and release clay dust. This dome is built from a double walled stainless steel that is insulated with thick refractory blanket. The ilFornino® Grande G-Series is a big one-flat-cooking-surface made out of 2" thick refractory pizza stone that retains the heat for up to 6 hours. It has one of the largest portable cooking surfaces in the industry measuring 1260 square inches. It includes the following: 10" Pizza Peel, 13" Perforated Pizza Peel, 6" Turning Peel, Ash/Wood pusher, Ash Shovel, 6" Brush/Scraper, Fire Guard and a Manual. Features & Specification


Elite Plus - Wood Fired Pizza Oven - Cabinet Black- Traditional Flooring View Product


Features & Specification ilFornino Elite Plus Series . Traditional Pompeii Dome Napolitano Oven. The dome is built from high commercial grade stainless steel. Thermometer built in. Heats up in as little as 20 minutes and retains the temperature for an extended time. This makes it economical using less wood to burn. On average you can cook a pizza in less than 80 seconds. Traditional Cooking Surface. The ilFornino Elite Series flooring is made from ½” thick commercial refractory stone, same flooring used in commercial ovens. Stand dimensions: 41 ½” L x 42 ½” W x 38 ½” H.. Cooking area is about 755 square inches. Fits 1 large (16") pie or 4 small (12") pies. ilFornino Elite Series comes with a Stainless Steel Black Cabinet with casters for easy maneuverability. The oven stands at 38 ½”, the ideal height without bending your back.


Professional Series Wood Burning Pizza Oven-One Flat Cooking Surface™ View Product


Features & Specification ilFornino Professional Series- is an upgrade from the ilFornino basic pizza oven. Many upgrades to all the reviews received from ilFornino basic. High Grade Stainless Steel construction 430 Stainless with a thicker gauge. Higher gage Stainless Steel than the original ilFornino basic oven. ilFornino Professional Series is made with high-density insulation that will keep your oven 5 times more insulated than the traditional pizza oven. Two heavy ceramic blankets insulation layered between the double wall of stainless steel dome plus a third layer of ceramic insulation for optimum heat retention. \Locally made fire bricks provide a great cooking surface and durability. Total cooking area about 1007 square inches.. ilFornino Professional is assembled in Valley Cottage New York. It is an upgrade to ilFornino basic. Ready to cook in 22 minutes! Comes with Professional Peel- 1 Brush.


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