Periodic Table of Home Runs

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The Periodic Table of Home Runs : 

The Periodic Table of Home Runs Tyler Moore 3rd Block

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C C C C C C Adrian Gonzalez AGo Jimmy Rollins JR David Wright DW Jason Bay JB Bengie Molina BM Ryan Howard RH Derek Jeter DJ Aramis Ramirez AR Carlos Beltran CB Jorge Posada JP Todd Helton TH Miguel Tejada MT Troy Glaus TG Carlos Lee CL Ivan Rodriguez IR Andres Galarraga AGa Cal Ripken Jr CR Chipper Jones CJ Vlad Guerrero VG Mike Piazza MP Jim Thome JT Ernie Banks EB Alex Rodriguez AR Ken Griffey Jr KG 688 721 1802 2257 2276 1396 2130 1860 3001 2528 839 1405 2155 1403 2158 912 1554 1630 1841 2629 1241 1589 2382 1912

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My periodic table is made up of Major League Baseball players. Each period is composed of players who have hit a certain amount of homeruns in their career as of Friday, September 18th, 2009. Each group is divided by the positions first base, short stop, catcher, third base, and outfield. Players closer to the bottom have or had more homeruns than players towards the top. Players marked with a red C have won a World Series title before. The number on the right of each player indicates how many career games he has played. You will notice that in most cases on my table, the more home runs hit means the more games played.

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