Periodic Table of guitars

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By: James Fulford Adv. Chemistry 3rd Block 9/22/09

Periodic Table of Guitars : 

Periodic Table of Guitars Gibson 6 String 12 String Bass Electric Taylor N/A More than 3,000$ Less than 3,000$ Fender Martin N/A N/A Ibanez G6 T6 F6 M6 I6 Bg Bf Bi G12 T12 F12 M12 I12 Eg Et Ef Ei

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Summary The periods are organized in the types of Guitars. The groups are organized in brands that produce them. N/A represents that the type of guitar is not manufactured by the brand. The colors coordinate the price range of each guitar. Green stands for more than 3,000$ dollars. Blue Shows less than 3,000$.

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