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Business Presentation

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Welcome to Vnet Family

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MOBILE TECHNOLOGY Information Web, Feeds, Search Communication IM, SMS, email, Social Networking Entertainment Music, Radio, TV, Games Navigation Map, Routing, Navigating, Locating Capture/Share Photo, Video, Share / Upload Office/Work Office / Business Applications Transaction Banking, eWallet , Commerce Rewards/Gifts Reward Points, Discount Vouchers, Shopping Coupons, Gifts Certificates

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What is Vnet Fmily ? Vnet Innovation which has changed the paradigm “Using Mobile Phones makes expenses” into “ Using Mobile Phones makes income opportunities .” Create new Passive Income for the Members Vnet is a mutual benefit community of mobile phone users

About Us:

About Us Vnet first introduced in 2006 in Indonesia by PT Eratel Media Distrindo . Only within a period of three years only , the number of members in Indonesia has reached 1 million members and has proved successful birth of people with income (passive income) is incredible. Now, PT Eratel Media Distrindo in cooperation with local partners V - net Global Co., Ltd., presents Vnet to you. The legitimacy of the Thai Armed with a letter of Government with company license No : 0105553062305

Vnet Business Potential:

Vnet Business Potential Total Number of Thailand Mobile users are 60 million (90 % of Population). Mobile Phone TopUp is a Primer Needs. Not depending on Place and Time.

Vnet Business Strength:

Vnet B usiness S trength PROD UCT Vnet Product are Primary Needs and Current Life Style. Mobile TopUp and Mobile Payment. BUSINESS MODEL Latest Marketing Innovation, Viral Marketing Tested and Prove n TECHNOLOGY Tested and Proven and today’s most sophisticated T echnology and Manpower Professional in the field

Vnet Members Benefit:

Vnet Members Benefit TopUp your mobile phones (or others) anytime, anywhere . G et many Prize s and Bonuses . Business Opportunity .

How Vnet System Works ?:

How Vnet System Works ? 999 Ba ht Investment Fee. 1 time Transaction a month. Duplicate to 3 other person or more (Member get Member).

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Spill Over System

Vnet Bonuses:

Vnet Bonuses Sponsor Bonus Target Bonus Extras Sponsor Bonus Reward Bonus Transaction Bonus

Vnet Bonuses:

A. SPONSOR BONUS : 250 ฿ PER MEMBER If you invited some people to become a V-net member, you will get a sponsor bonus of 250 ฿ per member you sponsored. Vnet Bonuses

Sponsor Bonus:

Sponsor Bonus

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Vnet Bonuses B. TARGET BONUS (10 ACTIVE LEVELS*) : Every new member added to your network within a range of 10 active levels will give you a target bonus of potentially reaching 155.001.00 ฿ Target Bonus is calculated as : 1.75 ฿ X number of your down-liners.

Target Bonus:

Target Bonus

Total Bonus targets that can be obtained are ::

Total Bonus targets that can be obtained are :

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Vnet Bonuses If a member you have sponsored, sponsors another new member as his/her down-line in your 10 active levels, you will get a sponsor extra bonus which is possibly up to 287,859.00 ฿ from each network of members you have directly sponsored. Sponsor Extra Bonus is calculated as: 3.75 ฿ X Number of your down-lines. C. SPONSOR EXTRA BONUS (10 ACTIVE LEVELS*) :

Extra Sponsor Bonus :

Extra Sponsor Bonus **Note : You can get this bonus whenever your down line sponsor another new member continuously. Your downline >>> red mark



Gifts can be money or goods:

Gifts can be money or goods Perfect Level 5 – Cash money worth 12,500 ฿ Perfect Level 6 – Cash money or computer set worth 25,000 ฿ Perfect Level 7 – Cash money or motorcycle worth 50,000 ฿ Perfect Level 8 – Cash money Outbound Tour worth 150,000 ฿ Perfect Level 9 – Pension + Gold Pin Perfect Level 10 if achieved as of the registration time up to : Up to 12 months, entitled to cash money or luxurious car worth 2,500,000 ฿ . 12 to 24 months, entitled to cash money or car worth 1,400,000 ฿ . 24 to 36 months, entitled to cash money or car worth 900,000 ฿ . 36 to 48 months, entitled to cash money or car worth 700,000 ฿ . 48 months and beyond, entitled to cash money or car worth 500,000 ฿ . Vnet Bonuses D. Reward Bonus

Reward Bonus :

Reward Bonus Reward Bonus is only given to member who already recruit minimum 3 person and “Close Point” . If not, then the bonus will be passed- up to the sponsor who has met this criteria.

Vnet Bonuses:

You will get a transaction bonus from both top up and m-Payment transaction. Each member of your network have to make transaction in that month at least 1 (one) time, no matter how much the nominal value is (except if you have reached level 9 perfect). The transaction bonus computed based on 12 active levels from members in your network . Vnet Bonuses E. TRANSACTION BONUS (12 ACTIVE LEVELS*)

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* Calculation based on TOP UP Transaction equal or more than ฿ 50.- Topup transaction Bonus is 2% from your topup amount divided into 10 active level. And each Topup transactions with amount above 50 Baht the fixed bonus share will be at 0.1 Baht for level 11 and 12. You will not get any bonus if you TOPUP amount is lower than 50 Baht for each transaction.

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m-Payment Bonus is 2 ฿ divided into 10 active level and for level 11 and12 the bonus will be 0.1 ฿ for each level.

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VNET STAR PROGRAM In addition to the standard bonuses specified above, every Vnet member has the chance to achieve the Vnet “Star” title and to get extra bonuses when the following requirements are met : Reached the perfect level 5. Number of networks at the time reaching the perfect level 5, as counted in unlimited range, has reached at least 3000 (members admitted after reaching the perfect level 5 are not counted) or Total Bonus, once reached 15,000 ฿ (other than reward bonus) after reaching the perfect level 5 . Produced 3 of Vnet Stars 1, under your network (in a network range of 12 levels), to be promoted to Vnet Star 2, 3 and 4. Every Vnet Star is entitled to 2 extra bonuses, they are: LEADERSHIP & STAR QUALIFICATION BONUSES

Leadership Bonus:

Leadership Bonus is a bonus given every month to a Vnet Star in the form of royalty from the total of National Member-kit Sale. Total value of bonus distributed every month is the total turnover of national member-kit sold x ฿ 5. Leadership Bonus value of Star 1 = 25%, 2 = 25 %, 3 = 25 %, 4 = 25 % divided by number of the members of similar star. Every star must maintain a bonus above the qualification value in order to get next months’ leadership bonus. Leadership Bonus Amount of the qualification bonus that must be achieved in order to get a Leadership Bonus is : Star 1 = 15,000 ฿ , Star 2 = 25,000 ฿ , Star 3 = 75,000 ฿ , Star 4 = 150,000 ฿

Star Qualification Bonus :

Star Qualification Bonus is a bonus give to ever member who has reached the Star title to help facilitate the development of Vnet network in the form of Luxurious Vehicle and House ownership subsidy of 20%, 30% or 40% on the following terms : Star Qualification Bonus STAR 1 - 75,000 ฿ WORTH NEW MOTORCYCLE OWNERSHIP . STAR 2 - 750,000 ฿ WORTH NEW VEHICLE OWNERSHIP . STAR 3 - 1,500,000 ฿ WORTH NEW LUXURIOUS VEHICLE OR HOUSE OWNERSHIP . STAR 4 - 5,000,000 ฿ WORTH NEW LUXURIOUS HOUSE OWNERSHIP .

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Vnet Mobile Technology

Vnet Mobile Chip Installation Guide :

1. Turn Off Mobile Phone Prepare the SIM card and V-Net mobile Membrane 2. Remove the V-Net Mobile Membrane from V-Net membership card 3. Remove the adhesive sticker on the back of V-Net mobile Membrane 4. Plug in the mobile membrane on the top of the SIM card according to the picture 5. Remove the protective plastic chips 6. Put the SIM card which has been stick with the membrane to your mobile phone Vnet Mobile Chip Installation Guide

Member Registration Guide (one times only) : :

Member Registration Guide (one times only) : 1. Make sure the V-Net Mobile Membrane has been installed with your SIM card . 2. Turn on the handset and wait until it shows “Welcome to V-Net mobile ”. 3. If no display appears “ Welcome...” , repeat the installation of the membrane Again (adjust the position of the membrane ). 4. If Membrane installation success, then you will be prompt to Enter the password of V-Net mobile. For the first time, the password is “123456” (six digit). Mobile password can be different from V-Net password. For security, please change the password immediately thru “Setup” menu . 5. The Default Data Transmission mode is “SMS”, you can change it from “Setup” menu .

Member Registration Guide (one times only) : :

6. You can change the Data Transmision mode as follow (this is an Optional), If your phone support GPRS technology, do the setting mode data transmission/ transport mode : a. GPRS/WAP: If your handset has GPRS facility or 3G. For GPRS activation on your handset, please follow the setting guidelines in the menu “setting GPRS” on your V-Net mobile If it not succeeds, please contact your operator. b. SMS : If your phone does not have GPRS facility or if you want transferred all data from V-Net mobile to V-Net server SMS. ( Warning ) : V-Net Would Impose a change for an SMS reply using ฿ / reply. 7. If your service fails, you can repeat again from step 1 or call customer service. 8. If you have problem with your GPRS system / no signal, return it to SMS mode manually . Member Registration Guide (one times only) :

How to Change Language Menu:

How t o Change Language Menu Select the Setup menu , then choose language option . There is two available language : Thai (default) and English. Please c hoose the language that you want to use .

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Last month number of that members close point. If last month's no point cap, then the monthly bonus will be calculated from the date of closing point / transaction in the current month. Example : Monthly Bonus Calculation in December: Members who in November did not do close points, but then make a transactions conducted on December 10, the number of members lost the opportunity to get monthly bonus and the bonus will be returned starting from 10 December . * *Active Explanation X = A member who doesn’t do TOP UP transaction According to the old calculation of the monthly bonus, you will not get bonus credit transactions from your network at level 13, 14 and so on because it is restricted within the range of 12 levels only. Meanwhile, according to a new calculation of the monthly bonus, you'll get the chance to enjoy a bonus from doing a TOP UP transaction of your network in level 13 and 14, if a member in Level 2 and Level 5 not active. 12 levels through normal but remains active in a range of 12 levels (see active explanation). So that you will get a chance to enjoy a monthly bonus through normal 12 levels , but remained in the range of 12 active levels. **Note : If last month you have not do close points, it is advisable to immediately do a TOP UP transactions (closed point) so that you do not lose the right to a monthly bonus.

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The calculation of the bonus in month N is counted to the transactions from the 29 th day of the month N-1 though the 28 th day of N month. For Bonus value ≥ 500 ฿ per month will be transferred to a TOP UP deposit balance worth 500 ฿ and the rest of the balance will be transferred directly into bank accounts of each Member. For bonus value < 500 ฿ monthly will be automatically added to your Vnet wallet. Transfer bonus will be done latest on 15th of each month. For member who do not have a Bank account, the bonus will be transferred as a deposit balance. To view / check the value of the bonus, could be done via SMS or via the Internet ( Bonus will be pass up if within 3 months has not recruit 3 new member and did not closed point and if the membership has been terminated automatically (members that in three months doesn’t recruit new members and didn’t do any TOP UP transaction). How To Pay Vnet Bonus

VNET Registration :

VNET Registration


Single Registry( DS ), Member Registration for 1 (One) Membership. Format of the registration : DS . Member No . Password . New Member No . Pin No . New Member Name . New Member Mobile Phone No . New Member Bank Code.New member Bank Acc No Send SMS to 087-087-8282 or 081-648-9888 SINGLE REGISTRY

Slide 39:

DP . Member No . Password . New Member No . Pin No . New Member Name . New Member Mobile Phone No . New Member Bank Code . New member Bank Acc No Send SMS to 087-087-8282 or 081-648-9888 Bonuses will be optimized Package System Strategy DP (Group Package Registration), registration for 4 or 13 or 40 new memberships directly in the name of one person, one mobile phone number and one account number (using the member kit package). Registration Format :

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DG ( daftar group), pendaftaran a/n sendiri dengan nama , no hp & no rek yang sama . ( alternatif dari pendaftaran paket bila member kit paket tidak tersedia ). Format pendaftarannya : DG . Member No . Password . New Member No . Pin No . New Member Name . New Member Mobile Phone No . New Member Bank Code . New member Bank Acc No Send SMS to 087-087-8282 or 081-648-9888 Bonuses will be optimized PACKAGE SYSTEM STRATEGY


VNET FACILITY 1. CHECK YOUR BONUS : Via SMS : BN . Member . Password . Month . Year Example : BN.1234567.1234.08.2010 2. CHECK YOUR NETWORK : Via SMS : JR . Member No . Password Example : JR.1234567.1234 3. CHANGE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT : Via SMS : GA . Member No . Password . bank Code.New Bank Acc Example : GA.1234567.1234.ktb.1234567890 4. CHANGE YOUR VNET PASSWORD : Via SMS : GP . Member No . Former Password . New Password Example : GP.1234567.1234.5678


VNET FACILITY 6. CHECK YOUR DEPOSIT : Via SMS : CD . Member No . Password Example : CD.1234567.1234 7. Complain Via SMS : If you have any complain/ problem with registration, TOP UP transaction, TOP UP Wallet, etc you can send a message to Vnet in the following form : Via SMS : CO . Member No . Password . Complaint in detail and clearly Example : new registration fail 8. CHECK YOUR PIN : If you forgot your membership PIN and your VNET member card lost, you an send a messsage to VNET to get your PIN in the following form : Via SMS : PN . Member No . Password Example : PN.1234567.1234

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Changes Your Life, when You Can .... Apportunity not come always ... Marlakhy Hengky Tanim, Vnet Founder

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