Recruitment 17 Outfit Ideas

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Recruitment ‘17:

Recruitment ‘17 Outfit Ideas & tips

ROUND 1 – Go Greek!:

ROUND 1 – Go Greek! Wear the t-shirt we give you! Everyone is wearing the same shirt so make yourself stand out!

ROUND 2 – Philanthropy:

ROUND 2 – Philanthropy Your “favorite outfit ” – wear something casual and comfy.

ROUND 3 – House Tours:

ROUND 3 – House Tours Business Casual – don’t wear jeans (black is okay) or leggings!

ROUND 4 – Preference Round!  :

ROUND 4 – Preference Round!  Dressy but classy! If you want to wear heels, you can bring them and change outside of chapters!

Bring with you::

Bring with you: Snacks!!!!! And something to drink. Chapstick /mints/etc. Something to do while you’re waiting in Goldstein Change of shoes (optional) Notebook – you may want to write quick notes after you visit a chapter so you don’t forget what you thought while you process. Sweatpants??? You might get cold walking around. Nothing you don’t want to carry around all day!

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