Cold Storage as a Business Investment Option for Quicker Bigger Return

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One of the major stumbling blocks in the food and medicine supply and distribution chain is proper storage and logistic shortcomings. While most of the farm-fresh food is produced in remote locations in under-connected rural areas, large-scale consumption areas are the big metropolitan cities. It is estimated that farmers lose close to 50% of their perishable farm produce due to lack of proper cold storage and processing facilities locally. Perishable produces include milk, fruits, fish, meat and vegetables.


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What is a Cold Storage?:

What is a Cold Storage? Cold storages are more like huge refrigerators that keep the products cool at pre-determined temperatures Some commodities require temperatures as low as minus 25 degrees centigrade There are vast numbers of cold storage types

Types Of Cold Storage:

Types Of Cold Storage Refrigerated containers Walk-in cold storages Combined cold rooms Customised cold storages

Is Cold Storage Business Profitable? :

Is Cold Storage Business Profitable? Making a cold storage investment is generally considered a sound proposition Typically cold storage profit margins in India when set up in an appropriate location give a decent return Cold storage investment cost in India is generally lower than in most developed countries

Local Steel Building Suppliers for Cold Storages :

Local Steel Building Suppliers for Cold Storages The days of concrete buildings for cold storage is gone and in its place have come steel building manufacturers with better options and durability I t’s cheaper and cost effective too TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE


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