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Some Useful Social Media Advertising Tips:

Some Useful Social Media Advertising Tips


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With online space flooding with content from all around the world, it is difficult for brands to get their brands noticed and even if they are noticed, the recall value is minimum. But here's the good news, you can advertise your content on social media. Social media advertising has also proven to be an effective way to convert visitors into leads and customers. And the best part of it is that you don't need a huge budget for it. 4


“Quotations are commonly printed as a means of inspiration and to invoke philosophical thoughts from the reader” 5

Here are a few hacks for advertising your content on social media::

Here are a few hacks for advertising your content on social media: Target your audience : The audience that your brand target is alike. They all have different interests, incomes, and values. Thus, targeting your entire audience is just a waste of money. Various audience targeting methods can thus be used to optimize your ads . 6


Generate free clicks : Sometimes advertisers pay a lot of money for engagement i.e. clicks, profile views or just expanding your image. This wastes a lot of money and gives the worst ROI. Rather pay for only things that matter for your business whether its clicks to your website, app installs, followers, leads or actual video views. This will also create views, profile clicks and other things that have engaged a consumer for free. 7


Promote video ads : You can get a thousand views on video ate just 0.02 per view. videos increase the chances of brand recall in a consumer. To optimize this hack to the best of your ability you can promote videos that have engaged the consumers better.  8


Promote your content on more social platforms : Instagram, Youtube , Facebook all send you a huge massive amount of traffic. It is important to post relevant content to each platform. And repurposing old content is better than posting new content to ads, this a new audience to discover your content. 9


If this intimates you already, Brandwand is here to help you with social media advertising , optimizing it for better results and saving a huge amount of money.  10


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