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Self Assessment :

Self Assessment Abraham Aparicio EDL 586

Personal Growth :

Personal Growth Began the Leadership Program at APU about a year and a half ago. Primary goal was to complete the program and finish school completely, but also to continue my growth and knowledge of education as an educator with the hopes of some day using that knowledge to obtain a leadership role.

Field Experience :

Field Experience CPSEL Visionary: served on department budget meetings and sat in meetings regarding school site council budgets as well. CSPEL School Culture: club advisor for a Christian Club on campus, mentor for link crew, assistant baseball coach, and junior class advisor.

PowerPoint Presentation:

CPSEL Management of Operations: I’ve sat in benchmark revisions institute, provided emergency lesson plans, participated in a team teaching training, and participated in Thinking Map training. CPSEL Responsive to Community: chaperoned prom, basketball games, football games, helped with carne asada fundraiser for the baseball team and helped with transportation for link crew on trips to the Boys and Girls club.

Leadership Analysis Survey :

Leadership Analysis Survey Leadership Survey: Lowest score average was a 3.0 in the category of meets deadlines. I scored 4’s in two categories, which I feel are my strongest as well. Meets Deadlines: Score 4 Shows consideration for others: Score 4

Strengths :

Strengths Responsibility Achiever Belief Community Consistency

Professional Growth :

Professional Growth Leadership is a work in progress. I’ve learned that leaders have to continue to adapt to the changing atmosphere of education. But I’ve also learned that leaders find procedures and individuals who have talents and strengths and they find ways to use those individuals to serve a purpose. In the next three years or so I hope to hold a Leadership position. As of right now I plan to continue to build a strong resume and continue to take an active role at my current site.

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