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AOL mail customer service is a platform in which you can get solutions to all your queries. No remember what issue you are facing with starting from quite easy to complex, you may inquire about every by means of dialing the toll-free number +1-800-329-1530. Help more:


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Here are few fixes you can try for the issue “AOL account us not updating” Method 1: Check for the system requirements: System requirements are the foremost thing which regulates the proper update of AOL Gold software on your device. So firstly check whether your device follows the minimum system requirements specified for AOL gold software.

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Minimum system requirements for AOL gold:  Operating system: Windows 7 or higher  RAM: 1GB  Screen resolution: 1024X768  Processor: 266 MHz high-speed processor Method 2: A stable internet connection: It is must to check the proper supply of internet in order to update the software. Make sure the internet speed is quite decent so that it can bring out the update properly. With a slow internet connection it becomes frustrating to complete an update.

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Method 3: Disable the firewall or security settings: The malware virus or other infections can create hindrances while working with AOL Gold updates. The security program often interferes with the updates can keep you completing it. In such cases disabling the antivirus programs or firewall protection can help you pursue the update without an issue. Method 4: Restart/Reboot your device You can restart or reboot your device to remove the unnecessary files and temporary data for preserving the smooth flow of AOL account update. So restarting or rebooting will clear the RAM from unwanted data and speed up its functioning. After rebooting the device start the update process from scratch.

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AOL Gold Desktop Support Number +1-800-329-1530 can be dialed anytime to get the support from technical experts so that you can easily update your AOL account. The support team is available to solve every issue which is keeping you from completing the update for AOL. Dial the toll-free number in the need of the hour. You will be supported by the experts via call or online chat and if required you will be helped with the remote access facility.

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