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AOK is providing high class products on both indoor LED flood lights as well as LED outdoor flood lights. You will be properly assured with appropriate LED products with affordable price. For more information call at: +86-591-83820886.


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Welcome to AOK LED Light

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LED Flood Light 160W LED Flood Light 280W LED Flood Light 120W LED Flood Light 40W The benefits offered by AOK by providing LED flood lights Energy efficiency is very high. Longer Life span not only saves money but also saves time. High Resistance towards breakage and damage which ensures longer life. These lights emit remarkable lumens and much more flexible than other conventional lights. Non emission of extraneous gases and creates an eco friendly environment. Easier installation procedure.

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LED Street Light 240W LED Street Light 280W LED Street Light 200W Black LED Street Light 240W Black

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LED High Bay Light 200W LED High Bay Light 160W LED High Bay Light 120W LED High Bay Light 40W

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LED Canopy Light 120W LED Canopy Light 80W 80W Surface Mounted LED  120W Surface Mounted LED 

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Thanks….. AOK LED Light NO.150 Minjiang Main Road Cangshan District Fuzhou China FJ350008 Tel: +86-591-83820886,88209641.83820836 Fax: +86-591-88209642 Email: info@aokledlight.com Website: www.aokledlight.com Contact Information

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