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To lease a car with poor credit and affordable prices, call us at 03001240979. Because Any Car Online provides several cars or van leasing options, including bad credit car finance. Visit us at for more information.


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Car leasing allows you to benefit from having a new car and changing it every 2 3 or 4 years without losing thousands of pounds in negative equity. Should you Lease or Buy a Car Very few people have the capital to buy a new car without some sort of financing even if you do have the capital to purchase a new car outright . "If it appreciates buy it.  If it depreciates lease it." Call Any Car Online on  0300 124 0979

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There are two possible options and 2 outcomes once this starts and neither are very positive. Negative Equity poses a big problem Option one The sensible Option You decide to continue with your current car and see out the period until the finance ends. You now own the car and have an asset however little it may be worth at this point. You can then sell or trade in against a new vehicle. Option two The Vicious Circle The dealer convinces you to fund the negative equity in with the new car finance therefore if you have £2500 of negative equity and the new car is £10000 you finance £12500 against that car. 3 Years down the line you again want a new car.

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The Solution Car leasing also known as Contract hire. In the past contract hire has been associated with business and company fleets however this is no longer the case. Personal car leasing is increasing rapidly throughout the UK with personal contract hire or personal contract purchase PCP being the most popular. The Difference As an example if you lease a £25000 car that will resale at £18000 after 36 months known as the residual value you pay for the £7000 difference over the 36 Month term plus finance charges plus possible fees. When you buy you pay the entire £25000 plus finance charges plus possible fees. This is the reason why car leasing offers substantially lower monthly payments than buying. Follow Us On w w w . a n y c a r o n l i n e . c o . u k

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