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What is the best method of doing email marketing to ensure sales or conversions happen while utilizing this online marketing method


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Hey there Welcome to Anxious Next. In my last blog I have explained to you how the relevancy E-Mail Marketing is in India and how can it be converted into sales. However there is something always to be remembered that even while you have decided to go for E-Mail marketing targeting your customer is an important strategy for your marketing campaign. So although E-Mail Marketing method is cheap and an efficient way to start your marketing campaign how can it be targeted to the correct person so that you can achieve the correct lead to convert them into sales From my previous blog you must have read the point “Targeting Your Audiences” in which it was told that targeting your audiences is one of the steps to be taken while making an E-Mail campaign that would eb relevant to your audiences. E-Mail Marketing is one of the most powerful tools and should be one important strategy for your marketing campaign. Because it is one marketing activity in which you can directly reach your customer and make them Although you may take the steps of using other online marketing strategy like social media PPC or television commercials. However to make things direct to the consumers then E-Mail Marketing is the best method to make sure that leads have been achieved so that you can convert them into sales.

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So what is the main drawback in E-Mail marketing strategy The main drawback thing is that if your E-Mails sent to a person have been unread for a long time and you are sending your E-Mails to the same person regularly with no interaction rate with your mails by them. It would lead your mails to be sent to the Spam folder which is not a good thing for any E-Mailers. For this one of the best ways to make sure that your E-Mails are not going to the spam folder is to make sure that you segment your consumers and target them according to needs and wants they have. So how do you do that Well here are two things you can do at the most. 1. Ask the right questions to your audiences as to what their needs are wants and desires to get the right data. Data is an important tool for every marketer in this world. And collecting your subscriber’s up to data is the most important thing. Keeping them stored and segregating it at the right place should also be done correctly. Plus also it should be the duty that when we have collected the data from our subscribers it is correct and up to date.

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2. Broadening your E-Mail Marketing platform and interconnecting them. While making your E-Mail marketing campaigns it should only the linked to your website or the targeted website which you are offering to the consumers neither to the social media site Facebook Instagram YouTube LinkedIn etc. but also to the analytics website where you can analyze your marketing performance. From here you can study the behaviour as how your customers are interacting with your marketing campaigns and how you should take a decision for the next marketing campaign. Whether to deliver them the message or not. Targeting your E-Mails. Tools present in your E-Mail Software like “Campaign Monitor” is highly valuable for you to use them. Is this tool that gives you the advantage to customize every part of an E-Mail and make a better targeting plan which is a key ingredient for your plan in the next campaign. So under what circumstances you should target your customer for an E-Mail marketing campaign to happen. 1. Targeting based on Geography This should be your priority. Targeting by location is the first thing that people takes the result from. It is this that you can define your marketing program. Location of a customer who frequently opens your E-Mails whenever you send to them is something you should focus more as they are the ones who have given their time to at least read your mails. So sending your mails regularly about your brand or service together with some offers upon the product is something that would make act as a stimulus to purchase the product. The only thing is that is the product and the offer given to them is relevant to their use or not. Next thing while targeting in terms of location why not add something in the background about the iconic landmark of the city. If your target consumer is in Delhi and you are targeting them then why not give a portrait of India Gate at the background of the body. However this would only be feasible in a patriotic day offer like Independence Day or Republic day.

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However while targeting by location wise you must see the open rate activity the most. That activity is the most important especially as to what time they open and how many times have they clicked on to your links you have provided. 2. Targeting based on Demography The relevancy of a good marketing strategy only comes once your targeting strategy based on the demographics have been properly. This one should be done properly after the step of location targeting. Because once you have segregated your consumers based on age gender culture etc. You will get a clear picture as to whom and what you should send the most to. Demographic targeting is an advantage. It is one way in which you can help your mails not to fall into the spam folder and that it is directly kept in your inboxes. It is because the more your mails are interacted by the subscribers the click on at least opening it the better the chances are that the message/content sent to the subscriber is genuine and that somewhere down the lane leads can be acquired. 3. Targeting based on Purchasing Behaviour and Psychology Knowing your customer’s buying behaviour or keeping in check of what are they clicking and where do they go after landing on to the page is also a good to target your customer’s.

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Keeping in check as to what your prospects are up to and what do they do after that i.e. either adding the product onto the cart to purchase them now/later. This part of psychology is an important part of marketing as it helps you as to what your customers will take next step to make a purchase. Once you have got the buying behaviour or the psychology of the consumers mind you can make sure that what will you be presenting to them the next time to make a sales to happen with your product. So these are some of the best ways in which you can make sure that your E-Mail marketing targeting strategy has been right and catch the correct leads ensuring them to be converted into sales. All in all this has been Anxious Next and don’t forget to keep on updating

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