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Crayon InfoTech is web Design and web Development Company in India. We Provide Innovative and Creative web design, web Development services to our Customers.


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Responsive Web design and development Responsive Design is the term used to develop a website in a way that allows it to be effectively viewed on a mobile device such as an iPhone or a tablet. Responsive Design takes care of adapting the website layout, and delivering content to these unique monitor sizes. This doesn’t just shrink down the whole website to fit, but changes the layout by using flexible images and changing menu structures to present your website in an ideal light


Responsive Web design and development Back in the old days (pre-2009) many companies weren’t seriously concerned with how a website would display on anything other than a computer.  Since that time the prevalence of iPhones, iPads , Galaxies, etc. is unmistakable, and if a potential customer is coming to your website from one of these devices, it’s certainly in your best interest to make sure their experience is stellar.        


Responsive Web design and development   Web design and development india   For a while it was standard practice to have two versions of your website.  One standard, and one mobile - but you were essentially managing two websites.  Responsive  web design services  allow you to manage one website for nearly all devices.


Responsive Web design and development To make that experience stellar you need to think about what it is your customers are going to want when they visit your site from a mobile device, and ensure that they can easily do what those things are . Web development services   They don’t necessarily want or need to see everything that is available on your main website, and if there is too much information on this smaller screen it may be challenging to navigate.   Are they looking for a way to call you or find your address?  Or perhaps they’d be looking for your inventory or current sales.  Knowing this information will allow your mobile strategy to highlight these elements when they visit your site.   Sources:  http://www.pavliks.com/about-us/newsletter/news-letter-details/2013/10/31/responsive-website-design


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