Role & Responsibilities of Operations Manager


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This presentation tries to explain the roles and responsibilities of an operations (production) manager at various levels, taking into consideration the traditional and the modern approaches.


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Operations Manager Roles & Responsibilities:

Operations Manager Roles & Responsibilities Presented By: Anupam Kumar Reader SMS Varanasi Email: 1 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Roles & Responsibilities of Ops Mgr:

Roles & Responsibilities of Ops Mgr Based on the results of a survey conducted in 1986 for over 100 Indian companies it was found that: The prime objective of most production managers are to ensure customer satisfaction by meeting due dates and reducing the cost of production. The major problem faced by then was production scheduling and capacity planning. The production managers had developed excellent working production schedule in restricted power supply situations. 2 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Further Survey Findings..:

Further Survey Findings.. Production managers in all industries had maximum responsibilities in the areas of: Production planning Scheduling Production control Monitoring of productivity was important in chemical plants Quality control was an important activity in industries like fertilizers. The most important part of the job was to ensure efficient utilization of resources, be it machine or human 3 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Duties & Responsibilities of Ops Mgr.:

Duties & Responsibilities of Ops Mgr. 4 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Jobs of an Operations Manager:

Jobs of an Operations Manager The job responsibilities of an operations manager may be divided into: Strategic level responsibilities, Tactical level responsibilities; and Operational level responsibilities. However, we may also look at the role and responsibilities in terms of: The traditional approach; and The additional roles 5 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Duties & Responsibilities:

Duties & Responsibilities As per Traditional P roduction Scenario: Planning the geographical location of the factory Purchasing the production equipment Layout of equipment within the factory Designing production process and equipment Product design Designing production work and establishing work standards Capacity planning Production planning and scheduling 6 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.):

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.) As per Traditional Production Scenario: Production control Inventory management Supply chain management Quality control Production equipment maintenance and repairs Measurement and monitoring of productivity Industrial relations / Personnel affairs Health & safety Staff selection and training Budgeting and capital planning 7 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.):

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.) Additional responsibilities: To automate processes as per the requirements of the organization To enhance the R&D efforts of the organization for becoming self reliant in developing new technologies To take care of issues relating to service operations management Increased attention to timely implementation of projects (launching of new products / services etc) in view of the increased competition 8 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.):

Duties & Responsibilities (Contd.) Additional responsibilities: To implement the environmental and pollution norms established by the government from time to time To take decisions regarding outsourcing / off-shoring of business processes To act as a member of the concurrent engineering team in new product design To forge long term strategic relationships with vendors & suppliers To act as internal quality auditors in certification programs 9 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar

For further details…:

For further details… Contact: Anupam Kumar Reader School of Management Sciences, Varanasi Email: 10 © Copyright 2013 Anupam Kumar


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