Top 5 Benefits of Hosting Hybrid Cloud Platform

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Cloud platform are very popular today, but before jumping on the bandwagon, you must ensure which platform out of the three (dedicated, shared, and hybrid) you must pick. This article covers all the advantages of hosting hybrid cloud platform.


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Top 5 Benefits of Hosting Hybrid Cloud Platform Hybrid cloud hosting is a mixture of the dedicated and shared cloud hosting models that allow organizations to provision dedicated servers and storage and shared cloud servers and storage on a single or the same network. A hybrid cloud involves a minimum of one private cloud that is also known as an internal cloud and one public cloud or external cloud. On hybrid cloud hosting platform enterprises can keep mission-critical applications and data in-house behind the business firewall on dedicated servers safe from third-party access whereas applications with fewer security concerns exist on the shared web platform. Apart from security various other beneficial factors are associated with hybrid cloud hosting. Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Hosting • Offers Flexibility Different businesses have different sets of necessities to manage and access their enterprise workforce. Hybrid cloud hosting offers various solutions to meeting these needs. A hybrid cloud is an all-inclusive approach to the consumption of IT. It is about matching the right solution to the right job. As you have choices of the public cloud model private cloud model and dedicated servers that are combined and work together seamlessly as one platform. • Reduces Cost You can quickly calculate hybrid cloud benefits. By linking dedicated or on-premises resources to cloud components you can see an average reduction in overall IT costs

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of around 17. By utilizing the hybrid solution your business can reduce overall total cost of ownership and improve profitability. It can move your business from a capital- intensive cost model to a progressive performance model. • Involves Secured Payment Gateway Business based on the hybrid cloud solutions can secure customer’s data on a dedicated server combine the high efficiency scalability of the cloud to permit users to conduct business transact payments online within one secure environment. • Includes Advanced Risk Management Tools Cloud management risk or any disaster on the web cannot affect your business of you are hosting hybrid cloud platform. You can recover and restore the data without taking even a single day. Data back and restoration in case of any disaster is resolved within few hours only. • Improves Performance The hybrid platform offers your business access to vast public cloud resources the liberty to test new tools and technologies swiftly and the chance to get to market faster without massive upfront investment. This platform minimizes trade-offs and breaks down technical obstacles to getting maximum benefit and improved performance from each component thereby allowing you to focus on driving your business forward. Conclusion: If you are a business owner and want to manage your workforce remotely and efficiently then nothing is as good as going for hybrid cloud management. Various cloud service providers are dealing in offering users the cloud services. One such service provider is You should get in touch with them they will let you know the best cloud platform considering your business needs. Contact us at: Sify Technologies Limited II Floor TIDEL Park No.4 Canal Bank Road Taramani Chennai Tamil Nadu - 600113 India Website:

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