Marketing Strategy(STP) of Motorola Moto Yuva and Idea Advertisement

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ANALYSIS OF MARKETING STRATEGY OF ADVERTISEMENT….. To- Dr. Swati Soni Prof. Marketing JIM, Jaipur By- Anuj Singh PGDM(2010-12) JIM, Jaipur


WHY IS THE NEED OF MARKETING To ensure success and increase sale. To create awareness. You can’t market the service, product without an advertisement.


SEGMENTATION,TARGETING AND POSITIONING Segmentation – Process of grouping market according to similar needs, characteristics or behaviors. Variables Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral

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Targeting Actual selection of the segment you want to serve. Positioning Use of marketing to form a mental image of product in people minds.

Motorola MotoYuva W230 Entry-level Music Phone ….. :

Motorola MotoYuva W230 Entry-level Music Phone ….. Company Profile Motorola is a global communication leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. As a top company in the Telecommunications industry ,Motorola specialize in Microprocessors, Mobile phones, Two-Way radios and Networking Systems.

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Company Mission: Our communication solutions allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile.“ Company Vision : "Our history is rich. Our future is dynamic. We are Motorola and the spirit of invention is what drives us."

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Business Industry - Telecommunications Company - Motorola Product - Mobile Business Slogan - " Hello Moto “ Launching of Mobile - Motorola (At CES 2008 in Las Vegas) Covered By - Fonearena(Community for Mobile Consumer and Tech enthusiasts ,Founded in March 2005) Slogan with W230 - Aab Aapni Suno MOTO Yuva w230 Advertisement analysis

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Product Features A dedicated music key activates an integrated digital audio player Supports MP3 and other popular formats MicroSD removable memory cards up to 2GB FM radio with integrated Radio Data System (RDS) Crystal Talk technology that helps reduce background Noise Ability to access the Web

Product Specification….. :

Product Specification….. Store up to 500 text messages and phone contacts Slim candy bar design available in two interchangeable silver, Titanium gray . Talk Time Up to approximately 550 minutes Weight – 80g 45 x 14.7 mm and 128 x 128 USB 1.1

Marketing Strategies(STP) …..:

Marketing Strategies(STP) ….. Segmentation : Demographic – Age - Appeal to the youth segment Income Psychographic – Money Constraint Life Style Behavioral – Benefits A Phone- ready to rock your world .


Targeting….. Motorola want to cover maximum Indian market , specially want to cover up Lower volume segment and mid segment Age – 15-25 years INCOME- Moto yuva W230 is targeted to people who are looking for low budget multimedia phone . GENERATION- Motorola was having the strategies to target the young population of India


Targeting….. Money Constraint A great phone incorporating multiple features into low-end handsets targeted at the entry-level segment with low price. Benefits Targeting the music freak people with the price tag


Positioning….. Aab Aapni Suno Dedicated one touch music key . Value for money

Different Products and Players In Industry Structure…..:

Different Products and Players In Industry Structure….. Products – W 270 W 396 EM 325 A 180 W 180 W 388 Players in Market– Micromax Carbon Mobile Noika Samsung ZEN Mobiles LG Videocon Spice W270

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Industry : Telecommunication Company : IDEA Cellular Product : Idea GSM launched by : Aditya Birla Group Business Slogan : An !dea can change your life

About the Company:

About the Company IDEA Cellular is an Aditya Birla Group Company. IDEA Cellular listed in stock market in march 2007. IDEA Cellular has the distinction of offering the most customer friendly and competitive Pre Paid offerings, for the first time in India. IDEA is the winner of 'The Emerging Company of the Year Award' at The Economic Times Corporate Excellence Awards 2008-09.

Services Provided by Idea…:

Services Provided by Idea… Prepaid connections Post-paid connections Idea Net setter


MARKETING STRATEGY SEGMENTATION: Demographic Segmentation Age – 15-30 year age generation comes in segment. Social Class- Middle class Customer cant pay high call rates of other service providers. Like Airtel , for them Idea is good option. Psychographic Segmentation Lifestyle - ( In now days people change number according scheme )

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TARGETING Idea is targeting those people who are facing problem with other service providers but due to change in numbers they cant go to other service providers. Basically Youth who are living outside state for any purpose is facing this kind of problem. Target is also on educated people who have culture values by CSR activities & innovative ads.

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POSITIONING: Mobile number portability feature.


Players Airtel BSNL Tata Reliance Vodafone

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