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At Studio 52, very occasionally, we like to state the obvious. So here we go: we apply the same drive for perfection to audio productions as we do to our video productions. We believe that if you make something, it should be worthwhile for people to hear. Our audio productions set a standard that most other companies follow.


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When a prospective customer calls your company regarding an inquiry or information he is already half sold on your sales pitch. It is important that from here on you focus on further building upon his interest and curiosity. This goal can be achieved by using effective telephone hold message. Because it is these golden moments while the customer is placed on hold that you get an opportunity to tap into his psychology. While waiting for the call to be answered the customer has nothing do and a lot could be going on in his mind. So it is better to command his attention at this time and ensure that he is well informed about core features and benefits of your products/services.

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What is a telephone hold message A telephone hold message also called on hold message or greeting message on hold is a message that informs educates engages and entertains customers while promoting your business whilst customers are placed on hold. Whereas telephone hold messages are widely popular among hotels restaurants resorts cafes healthcare facilities and banks they offer productive utility for each and every type of business vertical whether it is a manufacturing unit or an oil gas drilling company. According to a research 25 to 40 customers make purchases based on information they heard while on hold. And 70 of all business calls are put on hold. It shows how important it is to have on hold messages played while customers are waiting to be answered.

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Here are some more reasons why you need telephone hold messages • They keep customers engaged and entertained so that callers don’t hang up the call • They help you market and promote your products and services • They enhance your perceived brand image in the minds of customers • They help you sell additional products and services • They improve customer experience over the call • They help you convert an inquiry into lead These are just some of the benefits of telephone hold messages. As a matter of fact they have a huge potential in giving a boost to your business. If you want to cash in on this effective business tool and looking for production of telephone hold messages in Dubai you can partner with Studio 52. Having served numerous clients from diverse industries with professional and made to order telephone hold messages Studio 52 can answer all your business needs.

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