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Aratos Group Presentation :


Corporate Overview Our Vision:

Corporate Overview Our Vision ARATOS is a growing international group providing an increasing range on homeland security and crisis management products, services and solutions. We want to be the first choice, offering our open platform for integration of security systems. Our mission is to help our customers to manage security challenges and increase security level with high quality while providing a sustainable return to our stakeholders. WWW.ARATOS.NET 2

Aratos Group:

Aratos Group Founded on 2003, offering Space and Satellite added value Services Very fast the company grew up, winning many contracts in Greece and Europe On 2006 moved in owned building On 2008 Aratos Satellite Enterprise S.A. was founded as a part of the group and took over the Satellite Application Division of the group After 2009 the company is continuously expanding worldwide The executive board of the company have great experience in business development holding higher education The companies of the group are ISO Certified WWW.ARATOS.NET 3

Aratos Global Reach:

Aratos Global Reach WWW.ARATOS.NET 4 ARATOS Group Operates in more than 20 countries and territories worldwide



Aratos Security and Crisis Platform:

Aratos Security and Crisis Platform WWW.ARATOS.NET 6 A.S.C.P Aratos Security and Crisis Platform A.S.C.P Cloud Top Quality Security, Crisis Management Products and Services Integration, Classification, Rules generation and Intelligence applied into A.S.C.P Services are available to the A.S.C.P cloud for resident users The User, (organization, individual, enterprise) has always available security modules

Total Security Process Re-engineering TSPR Methodology :

Total Security Process Re-engineering TSPR Methodology Total Security Process Re-engineering (T.S.P.R.)  is a methodology to improve all security systems, fundamentally rethinking, how they control their security processes in order to significantly improve: customer service quality, reduce security operational costs and become world-class competitors in Security Industry. WWW.ARATOS.NET 7 Baseline inventory of technology resources and business processes Technology Application Data Business “ As-Is ” “To-Be” Architecture “Transition Plan” How to move the Enterprise toward the evolving “To-Be” state

Aratos Disaster Control - ADC:

Aratos Disaster Control - ADC WWW.ARATOS.NET 8 Aratos Disaster Control is an integrated system that is being created to be used in Crisis Management Situations using satellites data and unique technologies for data integration. Aratos Disaster Control TM uses an online GIS application to graphically represent Earth Observation (EO) data and is designed to deliver effective Disaster and Environmental Management Solutions


ECM-PLUS ECM-PLUS provides an effective solution for telecommunication in emergency offering tighter integration of satellite and terrestrial technologies. After a disaster can serve in minutes important information. WWW.ARATOS.NET 9

Aratos Land Use:

Aratos Land Use WWW.ARATOS.NET 10 Aratos Land Use system is a cost-effective, easy to use Land Use/Cover application using satellites technologies. Aratos Land includes: Collecting information for the region of interest, using High Analysis multi spectral data by satellites Design and development of Digital Chart (Digital Map) Creation of a Ground Digital Model creation (Digital Elevation Model) designed in a customer scale Creation of interactive maps Creation of custom models of Land Use and Cover

Aratos Fire:

Aratos Fire Aratos Fire TM is an interactive fire simulation tool that uses spatial information based on topography and fuels along with weather and wind files. The simulator receives the following input: Fuel Types Wind Speed and Direction Topography slope and aspect Moisture WWW.ARATOS.NET 11

Green Space Services for Global Monitoring Green SSLM:

Green Space Services for Global Monitoring Green SSLM Innovative environmental platform Monitor, assess and manage natural landscapes across a variety of interacting factors Designed to acquire a large amount of complex environmental data and accordingly calculate respective indicators for each area of study According to International standards (EU,UN) WWW.ARATOS.NET 12

Aratos Command and Control Center (Aratos 3C):

WWW.ARATOS.NET 13 Is an integrated Command and Control Center where all the information is being stored and more analytically processed in order to detect potential threats. Intelligent archiving, indexing and retrieval the information. The Aratos 3C, is operating in 3 fundamental levels: Threat Detection Threat Monitoring Threat Response Aratos Command and Control Center (Aratos 3C)

Aratos NET Security Gate :

Aratos NET Security Gate Is an innovative enterprise-ready technological advancement that is capable of deflecting 100% of the cyber threats and attacks. Hybrid software and hardware solution. ARATOS - net Security Gate: Is a smart equipment that protects and defends your privacy. Has a “ Unique ” Adaptive Artificial Intelligent (A.A.I.) algorithm that blocks the attackers. Is packaged in a small box with two Ethernet interfaces. Is ZERO-Config and Plug & Play. Protects your intranet and guards the gateway to the Internet. Filters TCP/UDP packets. Provides an effective solution for QoS. Supports Dynamic Traffic Shaping (D.T.S). Has an average uptime of about 20.000 hours. WWW.ARATOS.NET 14

Ground Level Monitoring :

Ground Level Monitoring WWW.ARATOS.NET 15

Aratos Pipeline Protection System:

Aratos Pipeline Protection System Aratos-Swiss Pipeline Surveillance System includes: Surveillance system with satellites and UAVs in a intelligent monitoring environment Image Operation in Different Spectral Bands Real time monitoring of the pipeline System GIS System for the visualization of the system Aratos Pipeline Surveillance System uses: Intelligent software platform for indexing and retrieval information High-Resolution Satellite data and processing of satellite images UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems for real time monitoring of the pipeline system at close range WWW.ARATOS.NET 16

PowerPoint Presentation:

WWW.ARATOS.NET 17 Advanced Perimeter Security The system philosophy is based on complex sensor technology solutions with products which provide high performance physical barrier. Consist of: Aratos-Swiss DTR Fence Aratos-Swiss Taut Wire Fence Aratos-Swiss Fibre Optics Deco Fence Aratos-Swiss Robust Sens-Detect Aratos-Swiss Vibra-Sens Aratos-Swiss Fonic Sens Aratos – Swiss Tunnel Seismic Sens Swiss Tunnel Seismic Sens

Integrated Underground Security:

Integrated Underground Security Is a sophisticated, patent pending sub-surface intrusion detection sensor system for underground asset protection. Includes: Aratos – Swiss Ground Cable Aratos – Swiss Micro Intruder Detect Real time monitoring using optical fiber Basic technology features: Real-time detection of every event causing a bent of the fiber via Correlation OTDR (patented) and Rayleigh OTDR Raman OTDR for detection of temperature changes along the fiber Coherent Rayleigh OTDR for detection of vibrations Precise pin-pointing of fault location Monitoring of various distances up to 100 km Surveillance signal runs parallel to customer’s data communication on same fiber WWW.ARATOS.NET 18

Aratos-Swiss Data Fusion Engine :

Aratos-Swiss Data Fusion Engine WWW.ARATOS.NET 19 Advanced Data Fusion System is an integrated total solution for near real-time tracking of terrestrial images all over the globe fused with information and images of third party devices other than satellites. Aratos-Swiss Image Processing Software Aratos-Swiss Incident Classification Algorithm Is an advanced Software System that provides real time EO/IR Imagery and it has the ability to recognize automatically moving objects. This Software engine receives input from different type of sensors (acoustic, optical, etc), classifies the danger level, according to users input and therefore for each incident there is a respective danger level and a database is being created Aratos-Swiss Intelligence Agents Based Systems We create Multi-Agent Expert Systems that increase the intelligence of our systems and acting as an intermediate among the user-side and the server-side which effectively provide a unifying platform for the user’s requests to be seamlessly assigned to the corresponding data storage.

Aratos Group Patents:

Aratos Group Patents Aratos Advanced Data Fusion System ARATOS: An Intelligent Machine-to-Machine Framework for Services Based on Satellite Earth Observation Data Aratos Integrated Pipeline Protection Aratos - Net Security Gate Aratos Fire Modeling T.S.P.R An Innovative Methodology Safelink – Hybrid Crisis Management Telecommunication router WWW.ARATOS.NET 20

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