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Trend Analysis: France : 

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TF: International Tourist Arrivals at frontiers (Excluding Same-Day visitors)VF: International visitor arrivals at frontiers (Tourists and Same-Day visitors)TCE: International tourist arrivals at collective tourism destinations.

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Why the recorded Receipts are less than the Arrivals??

Because … : 

In France, normally things are very expensive, more towards branded products.   The tourists aren’t willing to spend much.  Restaurants do not operate late. Tourists usually visit historical places. Tourist Profiles: Each tourist stays an average of 6.6 nights. The majority of tourists are executives or employees. 42% of the tourist clientele are well-off. More than half spend their holidays in private accommodation (friends, second homes). Because …

Some facts to be considered… : 

Some facts to be considered…

Market share : 

Market share of Europe(Figures in Million)   Total flow of tourists into Europe--------------------------------------- --- x 100Total flow of tourists in the world = 460 / 900 x 100 =51.2% Market share

Market share : 

Market share of France (Figures in Million)   Total flow of tourists into France--------------------------------------------- x 100Total flow of tourists into Europe =80 / 460 x 100 =17.39% Market share

Explanation : 

Figure 1.1 shows that in 2009 total 460 million tourists visited Europe which shares 51% of the total tourist market, whereas the rest of the world contributes only 49%. Total flow of tourists is 900 million in the world, according to 2009 UNWTO. According to figure 1.2, in 2009 France shared 17% of the total market out of the rest of Europe which shares 83% of the European market. By comparison it shows that there more tourists are coming to Europe as compared to the other parts of the world. France is representing less than a quarter of tourist flow in Europe. Explanation

Contribution to GDP (direct, indirect) : 

Contribution to GDP (direct, indirect)

Direct and Indirect Contribution : 

Direct and Indirect Contribution Direct: Accommodation, transportation, and light industries making items of interest to tourists. Indirect: Sectors that are induced by tourism. These effects are less obvious and not so easy to quantify. These sectors include entertainment, finance, energy, and food production, etc.

FRANCE Travel & Tourism Demand in 2010 : 

FRANCE Travel & Tourism Demand in 2010 Adapted from World Travel &Tourism Council Report on Travel & Tourism Economy Impact 2010, France

Contribution To Employment In France : 

There’s not so much to explain about the contribution to employment in France since the working arena is still suffering from the days of massive unemployment over 30 years ago However : in the light of this inadequate economic growth, is that the employment situation is improving. (nearly 300,000 jobs created in 2007). the government still maintains a stranglehold on the major industries. Contribution To Employment In France

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Unfortunately the tax situation in France is a lot harsher than other European counterparts, with up to 60% of gross pay being diverted into the French State Benefit system. Unemployment benefit: - income support and maternity pay. As the working population can contribute up to 60% of the gross salary to the state. The current government is committed to spend million of Euros to encourage the unemployed back to work but this will be a long term project.

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