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Disposable email addresses are really a pain for website owners and hence it becomes super important to detect temporary emails in real time. Disposable emails ceases to exist in few minutes or hours depending on the service provider, which means as a website owner all the followup email campaigns you organize for this email address would bounce. Obviously one email bouncing wouldn't probably get you into trouble but this does accrue over time and might adversely affect your sender reputation. At Antideo, we ensure that you are able to validate email addresses in real time to block out disposable emails and force the visitor to enter their real email address.


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Detecting Disposable Email addresses:

Detecting Disposable Email addresses Why it matters and how it is hurting you right now

What is a disposable email address?:

What is a disposable email address?


They are known by different names; DEA, or disposable email address or temporary email address or throwaway email address. But they are one and the same from a purpose perspective, as the different names suggest these are throwaway email addresses that have a very short lifespan; like 10 minutes and post that they cease to exist

Some of the major vendors?:

Some of the major vendors?


10 Minute Mail 20 Minute Mail Easy Trash Mail TempMail Guerrillamail Incognito Mail Mailcatch Mailnesia My Trash Mail Trashmail Yopmail

How does disposable emails affect me?:

How does disposable emails affect me?


To start with, your email campaigns would fail to fire, as you would have a list bloated with invalid emails resulting from throwaway emails. Which essentially means that resources get utilized but you would not see any sizable ROI. Putting aside the obvious monetary effects because of such bad quality lists, let see how it affects you in the long run.


Depending on the volume of DEAs in your list your sender score would be affected in varying degrees If the bounce rate is high then your campaign itself may get blocked The bounce rates would affect your sender IP and the domain, which might become reason to be black listed. Your sender score going down might mean your future campaigns simply end up on the recipient’s spam folder, negatively affecting your open rates.


Having disposable emails on your list demonstrate inferior quality and perceived lower value. The industry came up with the sender score etc to protect users from spam and unsolicited emails, the lower your score the lower are the chances of your email landing in the inbox of the recipient. Maintaining a high quality list would mean your reputation as a sender stays intact and the your email campaign get a better shot at being successful.

How can you prevent users from signing up with a temporary email address?:

How can you prevent users from signing up with a temporary email address?


Antideo has prepared a database of thousands of disposable email address vendors over time and continuously keeps adding new temp email providers using scripts


You could integrate Antideo API into your inquiry or sign up forms and validate the incoming emails against our database. We have script to monitor new disposable email providers and also have a very comprehensive list of existing vendors to ensure that you are able to weed out such users by using our email health check API. Obviously our API’s not only validate emails for you but also does  national and international phone number validation  and  IP health Check .


The services by Antideo is delivered via API’s that help you ensure the real time validation of emails, right when your prospect is filling up your form. The API is in JSON that means that it is compatible with a number of programming languages and gives you a lot of flexibility to use the API is different ways.


How to get started You can sign-up at and follow documentation to get started with the API You can also test out the service by using the demo option to validate emails, check IP health and IP Info If you have any questions or feel you would like to talk to someone before making a purchase, feel free to ping us on our chat or via our contact us form


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