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Landscape Plans Melbourne, Landscape Permit Plans If you are in need of help in order to get landscape permit plans or council planning plans in Melbourne, then make a Call to us today. We can help you and bring your project on track. Landscape Plans for Council Planning Permits - Melbourne areas Landscape Design will prepare a Landscape Plan. Check out:


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Learn About Council Planning Plans

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INTRODUCTION The process of submitting Council Planning Plans and Landscape Plans to your local Melbourne council and then obtaining Landscape permit plans for your project can be a daunting exercise. When plans are submitted to your local Melbourne council , a design prepared by a qualified and experienced designer such as Anthony Scott Landscape Design is essential and will be required by the local council authority. This makes successful landscaping a challenge that requires a good design , careful plant selection , the use of innovative materials and appropriate construction and maintenance techniques.

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PROJECT MANAGEMENT The co-ordination of various trades, problem solving, design integrity and general communication is essential in every aspect of the landscape project planning and building stage and is standard from Anthony Scott Landscape Design, where a seamless service from design through to construction completion is required and expected.

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OBTAIN PERMITS A Landscape planning permit in Melbourne is a legal document that gives permission for development or building works on a particular piece of land. Many people leave the landscape plans and council permit component of their project until the last minute, so it is very important to have an understanding of the timing of what is involved.

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Anthony Scott Landscape Design will work with you to help you to submit your Council Planning Plans and Landscape permit plans to the appropriate Melbourne councils in a timely and efficient manner, to ensure that all parties are happy and that the plans are stamped approved. Satisfying Planning permit conditions, abiding by planning overlay restrictions that may affect landscaping options are just part of Anthony Scott’s role of a professional Landscape Designer.

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COUNCIL REQUIREMENTS It is important to realise that all Melbourne councils have differing requirements for both Council Planning Plans and Landscape Plans. Council permits are normally required for all built structures such as pavilions, pergolas, retaining / rock / feature walls, fences, decks. Piers, swimming pools, including tree removal, an erosion and sediment control plan where necessary, and many other items associated with your landscape design.

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SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME Because Anthony Scott Landscape Design liaises with many local types of council in Melbourne on a regular basis, it is able to help you with the application submission process to ensure a satisfactory positive outcome for both the Council Planning and Landscape plans part of the project.

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