Why SEO is Important to Run Business Online?

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In online business, SEO is a powerful tool for the success of the business. It is an important marketing activity. SEO helps in making the website visible on the search engines. SEO activities gives a high return on investment, attracts more visitors to the website, builds online reputation etc.


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Why SEO is Important to Run Business Online?:

Why SEO is Important to Run B usiness Online ?


INTRODUCTION Most of the businesses might not realise the importance of SEO. It is an essential part of marketing activity. Best SEO strategy is vital to any business that run online. Due to the competitive market, SEO is more important. It is being adopted as an online marketing strategy.


IMPORTANCE To improve user experience Gain more visitors to your website Take advantage of top position on the search engine To be ahead of competitors Increase organic traffic


BENEFITS SEO works well for all type of businesses SEO is cost effective It provides massive return on investment People/customers can reach to you through your website with the help of SEO Helps in building online reputation Helps in attracting relevant traffic


SEO is an effective online marketing strategy that enhances the ability to compete with other brands Businesses can cater a huge market Geo based targeting

Factors Influencing rankings on search engine:

Factors Influencing rankings on search engine Should have an optimized website Mobile friendly website Generating backlinks (off- Page activities) Activities as per search engine guidelines Targeting relevant keywords

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