Web Content Security – Importance and Benefits


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Are you worried about information security of your business or organization? Cyberoam is the answer to you. Cyberoam offers web and content security against data leakage, malware threats, viruses and unauthorized networks.


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Web Content Security (Importance and Benefits):

Web Content Security (Importance and Benefits)

Why web content security is important?:

Why web content security is important? to protect from various online threats including website hacking to prevent data leakage to shield the corporate network from viruses and spy-ware to protect sensitive business information from unauthorized parties to thwart malware threats to prevent unauthorized data uploads

Benefits ofsecurity against web threats and data leakage:

Benefits of security against web threats and data leakage Cyberoam delivers complete security against internet-based threats such as invasion of malware, intrusions, pharming, phishing and unwanted data uploads, etc. The benefits of this security are below: comprehensive network and data security Web protection maintain and increase employee productivity simplified and cost-effective security system helps in meeting regulatory compliance

Features of Cyberoam's web & content security:

Features of Cyberoam's web & content security (1) Wide security shield from web threats (2) Data leakage prevention (3) Layer 8 Identity-based controls (4) Layer 8 Identity-based reporting

(1) Wide security shield from web threats:

(1) Wide security shield from web threats Web security against harmful malware detects, blocks and reduces unauthorized traffic identifies and blocks third party proxies blocks harmful websites from appearing in search results

(2) Data leakage prevention:

(2) Data leakage prevention web filtering on the file uploads over FTP, HTTP and HTTPS prevents file transfer over P2P and IM applications prevents data leakage helps comply with CIPA, HIPAA and PCI DSS requirements

(3) Layer 8 identity-based controls:

(3) Layer 8 identity-based controls surfing policies based on web category, work function, users, group and duration provides high level web and content security with flexibility effective bandwidth management ensuring bandwidth availability the data transfer limit is based on duration and access schedule for customized web categories

(4) Layer 8 identity-based reporting:

(4) Layer 8 identity-based reporting enables visibility into user and system activity centralized logging and reporting feature for enterprises helps organizations to make preventive decisions for meeting compliance requirements organizations can also customize policies against network attacks, illegal downloads, etc.

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