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The upright posture is what distinguishes man from all other animals.

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ANTHONY AUGUSTINE P.E. Department Symbiosis International School, India

Types of posture : 

Types of posture Inactive posture : when a person is sleeping or resting, minimum muscular effort. Active posture : muscular activity is required, may be static or dynamic.

Active Posture : 

Active Posture The standing posture. The sitting posture. The lifting posture. The lying posture. The walking posture.

The Standing Posture : 

The Standing Posture Feet parallel. Comfortable distance apart. Weight evenly balanced. Knees straight. Buttocks tucked in. Shoulders straight & relaxed. Stand tall. Chin in & look straight. Stomach should be flat.

The Sitting Posture : 

The Sitting Posture Feet flat on floor. Comfortable distance apart. Back well into chair. Back reasonably straight. Spine should not be curved.

The Lifting Posture : 

The Lifting Posture Right Wrong When lifting heavy object back should be straight. Should bend at hips & knees. Not lift with straight legs. Weight to be held close to body. Firm & comfortable grip.

The Lying Posture : 

The Lying Posture Lie down flat. Back on floor or bed. Legs fully stretched forward. Arms straight to side of body.

The Walking Posture : 

The Walking Posture Head held in comfortable & natural position. Hands move in synchrorised movement with legs. And tension free movement. Leg moving forward should be in the line of direction.

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