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Understanding Micro Features:

Understanding Micro Features Anthony Abiola

What are Micro features?:

What are Micro features? Micro features are: Mise en scene Cinematography Sound Narrative Editing The film ill be analysing will be Scream(1996).

Mise en scene:

Mise en scene Mise en scene is the settings, décor, props, costume and figure expression and movement. In the opening of Scream the setting is a very large house with large space such as the garden and distance between neighbours, It’s also dark. The décor of scream tells the audience that the character is very relaxed in her house, the way she acts in her house shows she’s very wealthy, objects that show this is her TV, and size of the kitchen and how everything is clean. The props used in the opening scene is the kitchen objects such as the knives and he phone. Costume of the victim is normal wear, so white sweatshirt and jeans because she’s in her own house and is relaxed, costume of the killer is a mask covering his face and black body clothing covering his body. The figure expression of the opening scene is fear and how she is scared after realizing the danger she is in, the figure movement is her running and moving a lot after the phone call however before that it started off being calm and not a lot of movement.


Cinematography Cinematography is the shots of that the camera takes such as the close up, medium shot, ect . The extreme long shot in the opening scene is of the house showing the audience where the start of the movie is based

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