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Maintaining A Conversation 101 Week 6:

Maintaining A Conversation 101 Week 6 A prime guide ||TESTED & PROVEN||

Etiquette & manners:

Etiquette & manners Outline and Understood the Points for Discussion full attention and proper eye to eye contact should be established should be done indirectly; not offensive to the listener for he / she may feel uneasy Keep Words Simple and Understandable further explanation of some meanings and implications must be clarified

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Interrupt Only if When Needed a polite “ excuse me ” or a slight raise of a hand or a pen is a good way to capture the attention of the person who is speaking Do not Talk to Impress it would be best to avoid complicated words since this just tends to lengthen the conversation if not make it harder for listening audience to understand

The proper conversation etiquette:

T he proper conversation etiquette Look directly at the person you are talking to especially if you have never met before. Remember to call the person by their names this will make them feel more special . Ask questions to clear out the things you don’t understand Always stick to a particular subject if it is important. It’s okay to disagree but you need to voice out your dissent politely .

The “please don’t do it”:

The “please don’t do it ” it is impolite to fidget and let your eyes wander off when someone is talking to you don’t interrupt a person who is talking not to ask personal questions especially to a new acquaintance avoid bragging , gossiping , and whining never whisper in front of another person it comes across as rude and the person may think that you are talking about him

Maintain these first:

Maintain these first Be interesting! Confidence is a must! Smile ! Be interested!

Take note of these:

Take note of these Speaking voice Body language Topics opened/talked about Moderate and be considerate

Keep your words flowing!:

Keep your words flowing! 1. Face your fears! Acknowledge, and overcome ! 2. Be comfortable with yourself. Avoid phrases that make you seem arrogant or presumptuous 3. Find the humor in life. In our interactions where laughter reigned, we come out deeply relieved and happy.

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INSPEN/English1/week6 4. Disagree without being disagreeable . Don’t tackle issues personally . Avoid criticizing or degrading the person. 5. Be sincere with your praise . Nice haircut or shirt? Tell him that. 6. Take your cues from the other person. The best conversations consist of give-and-take sessions

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INSPEN/English1/week6 7. Ask thoughtful questions Look for clues about the person and comment on them 8. Choose comfortable conversational topics . Say something inoffensive 9. Use conventional gap fillers or hesitation noises . the sounds that we make when we pause to think (such as "um" and "uh ")

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10. Use your body language . Make eye contact. Use gestures . B e lively and animated

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Thank you for reading. =)

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