Chapter 4


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Evaluating the COmpetition in Retailing


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Chapter 4: Evaluating the Competition in Retailing Case: Tough Time for Grocers Group BeeOne (B1)

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Effect of Baby Boomers spending trend to supermarket nowadays Market structure will influence the tendency of company to survive in the marketplace THE ISSUES

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Population Trend New Retailing Format ALTERNATIVE OF THE ISSUES Geographic trends Age distributions Population growth trends Liquidators Recycled merchandise retailers Supercenter

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THE BEST ALTERNATIVE New Retailing Format build community to know consumers’ perception integration of technology will help consumer and retailers improve quality services, store positioning, and attract more consumers to their supermarket

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3 successful formats Implementation of New Retailing Format Liquidators Recycled Merchandise Retailers Supercenter

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Supercenter combines discount store and grocery store and carry 80,000 to 100,000 products in order to offer one-stop shopping baby boomers, one of the largest and most affluent groups own saving and higher income over 900 billion dollars of annual spending

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Recycled Merchandise Retailers 3 trends fastest growth of any retail format sell used and reconditioned products Conspicuous consumption is no longer chic some segments are confined by a lack of money customer group that appreciate the design, uniqueness and quality of “vintage”

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Liquidators develop special incentive plans to make it more profitable pricing merchandise and estimating the expense develop a new growth industry

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