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Answer Sources Academy Study Guide for AdWords Certification Bing HubSpot Exam More HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Exam Answer June 2018 A few things to know before taking HubSpot Marketing Software Certification There are 75 questions. It should take 3 hours to complete. You must answer 57 questions correctly to pass. You must wait 12 hours between attempts. If you close this exam before finishing your answers wont be saved and it will count as a failed exam. Google AdWords Exam Answers Google Analytics Exam Answers Bing Exam Answers HubSpot Exam Answers Click Below to Get Others Exam Answer:

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HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Exam Answer After conducting your buyer persona research you’ve put together the first draft of the complete persona Adventurous Amy. You show the story to your co-worker April. She reads through it and says “Why do we care that she reads review sites like Yelp when she’s going out to dinner Is Yelp now part of our inbound strategy” Which of the following is the BEST reason for including this detail in Adventurous Amy’s buyer persona story • “The fact that she relies on Yelp doesn’t matter as much as what it implies - that Amy will feel more comfortable making a decision or a purchase if she has reviews she can read. Part of our inbound strategy could be creating testimonial content.” • “Good point. Since we are not planning on having Yelp as part of our inbound strategy we should remove this from the story.” • “It’s important for us to make sure that if we ever have a Yelp account that we receive good reviews. We should redirect customers there after they do business with us.” • “The fact that she reads reviews tells us that she’s very picky so she may not be the ideal customer that we are looking for. If that’s the case we should focus on a different buyer persona.” Which of the following pieces of information used in researching a buyer persona can be obtained by looking at a contact’s timeline within your HubSpot portal • Topics on your website that are of interest to your personas • Whether or not your persona reads your blog • Whether or not your persona frequently engages with your email messages • All of the above Which factor should determine who your primary buyer persona is • Business goals • Company size • Revenue • Brand awareness You and your co-worker Leslie are adding a buyer persona into the Persona tool. As you walk through the creation process you come across the step for creating a form field option. Leslie asks you “What’s this step for” How would you respond • “By creating a form field option a contact can self-identify as a persona when they fill out a form.”

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• “Creating a form field option is for our own internal use. We should be describing the buyer persona in a few words.” • “A form field is how we’ll segment our buyer personas but we should come back to this since it is not required and you need to have contacts first.” All of the following are smart lists that are created when a new persona is built in HubSpot EXCEPT: • Persona Name Persona - Customers • Persona Name Persona - Leads • Persona Name Persona - MQLs • Persona Name Persona – SQLs The Personas tool is integrated with which of the following other HubSpot tools • A Blog • B Contacts • C Lists • A B • B C • All of the above All of the following are chapters that make up a complete buyer persona story EXCEPT: • Common objections to products and services • Job and demographic information • Excerpts from interviews • What a day in their life looks life You’d like to show a short excerpt from your post on your blog’s main listing summary page to entice people to click through and read more. Is it possible to customize that short excerpt in your HubSpot Blog tool • Yes - you can place the Read More Separator anywhere within your post as you write it • No - HubSpot will automatically place the Read More Separator after 6 lines of text

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You want to organize the topics that you’re blogging about to ensure that your blog stays focused. All of the following are possible ways to sort through your blog topics within the Blogging tool EXCEPT: • Sorting by the number of live posts associated with a topic • Sorting by the date that a topic was last used • Sorting by the active and inactive topics • Sorting by the topics associated with individual blog authors All of the following options can be managed from your HubSpot Blog Dashboard EXCEPT: • Authors • Comments • Keywords • Notification Emails True or False: The keyword phrase “take an adventure vacation” must appear in exactly that word order within the body of the blog post so that search engines can match your post with the right search query. Open full-size image in a new tab • True • False After looking over this blog post your boss Ron tells you to take another look at the title you’ve chosen. Which of the following titles would be BEST suited to attract Adventurous Amy to the Fifth Season blog Open full-size image in a new tab • Top Adventure Vacation Trips in the US • 10 Reasons To Take an Adventure Vacation • 10 Reasons To Take An Adventure Vacation with Your Family • Fifth Season’s Adventure Vacation Trips for Families

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Where should an image be placed in order to capture a visitors attention and entice them to read this blog post Open full-size image in a new tab • On the blog’s sidebar • At the start of the post • Just below the fold • At the end of the post Fill in the Blank: To make sure that this blog post is fully optimized you must include ______. Open full-size image in a new tab • relevant links within the content of the post • a call-to-action in the blog sidebar • mentions of Fifth Season’s family vacation packages within the content of the post • “Fifth Season” in the blog post title You are creating a social media style guide to share with the new hires on the team. This style guide will be used across all channels. To ensure consistency in your brand’s content all of the following criteria should be included in the style guide EXCEPT: • Guidelines for hashtag use • Message voice and tone • Guidelines for including links • Publishing times for messages across channels True or False: Your company should never share content on social media that it did not create. • True - Sharing content created by other sources violates copyrights laws • True - Sharing content created by other sources is a form of plagiarism • False - You should share content that your personas find valuable even if it’s not your own • False - You should only share content created by other sources

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Leslie wants to run an experiment in order to determine the best times to publish across social channels. Which HubSpot Social Publishing feature is best for her to use in this experiment • Content Calendar • Publishing Schedule • Experiments Module • Release Calendar True or False: When publishing social media posts with HubSpot any included links are automatically shortened. • True • False The Social Media Reports tool provides data for all of the following EXCEPT: • Interactions • Visits • Reach • Social Ad Spend All of the following are ways you can segment your social media audience in HubSpot EXCEPT: • HubSpot Lists • Twitter Lists • LinkedIn Groups • All of Twitter True or False: The HubSpot Social Monitoring tool can be used to monitor LinkedIn Google+ Facebook and Twitter. • True • False

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Fifth Season just announced a new service. They would like to know how customers feel about it. What is the best way that they can use HubSpot’s Social Monitoring tool to obtain feedback about the service • Create a monitoring stream that monitors a HubSpot list of prospects who mention the service • Create a monitoring stream that monitors a HubSpot list of customers who mention the service • Create a monitoring stream that monitors anyone from Twitter who mentions the service • Create a Twitter list of customers to monitor Tom is the social media manager at Fifth Season and interested in using HubSpot’s Social Monitoring tool to monitor mentions of Fifth Season’s competitors on social media. What stream should Tom create • A stream that monitors all of Twitter for the hashtag “competitors” • A stream that monitors all of Twitter for the keyword “travel” • A stream that monitors a competitor’s Facebook group • A stream that monitors the twitter handles of Fifth Season’s competitors If you were going to update this tweet so that it is fully optimized what would you change • Reduce character length • Add a link • Tag a campaign • Remove BLOG POST Your boss Ron would like to evaluate Fifth Season’s current calls-to-action but he isnt sure how. Which of the following is the best metric to determine the success of your calls-to- action • Views-to-clicks rate • Clicks-to-submissions rate • Conversion rate • Total views

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Your coworker Leslie has asked for your help with the call-to-action that shes going to place on a blog post called "The 4 Best Outdoor Team-Building Activities." All of the following should be considered when creating that call-to-action EXCEPT: • Buyer Persona interest • Your companys branding • Where the call-to-action will be placed in the blog post • How many visits you expect to receive to the blog post True or False: A call-to-action can only link to a HubSpot-hosted page. • True • False You ask your coworker April to review the latest call-to-action youve created. April says that you must add an image in order for the call-to-action to be fully optimized. How would you respond to April • "I dont need an image because its not required in order for the call-to-action to be considered fully optimized." • "Youre right April. The only way that a call-to-action is fully optimized is when it contains an image." • "I dont need to add an image. Search engines cant read alt text on a call-to-action with an image." • "Ill add an image next to the call-to-action once we place it in the email newsletter." Your boss Ron asks you to determine the click-rate of a call-to-action that is located on your blog sidebar. However it is located on several other pages. What should you do • Go to the "Details" section of the CTA to see the page by page breakdown. • Ron can view the click-rate for a multiple-page CTA directly from the main dashboard. • Ron can view the click-rate directly from the blog dashboard. • Tell Ron that the click-rate for individual pages can be viewed only after exporting the call-to-action data. Youre trying to add an additional call-to-action to this page. All of the following offers are the next logical step EXCEPT: Open full-size image in a new tab

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• A travel safety tips guide • A family vacation packages ebook • A corporate travel package whitepaper • A travel consultation Your co-worker April just made a new Fifth Season promotional video and is now trying to increase the number of views its getting. Should you feature this video on the landing page that you’re building out for your new ebook • Yes - it’s an easy way to increase the visibility of the video • Yes - it’s a good way to build trust in your company which will encourage people to download the ebook • No - videos are too large and slow down the loading time of your landing page • No - the visuals on your landing page need to relate directly to the ebook Your boss Ron has asked your co-worker April to create a new form for each landing page that you create. Is this a necessary task for April • Yes - having a new form on each page makes it much easier to track the conversion rate • No - you can use the same form on multiple landing pages • Yes - the Landing Pages tool requires you to add a new form to each page you create • No - HubSpot caps the number of forms you can create so don’t waste space creating unnecessary ones When including a form on a landing page in HubSpot all of the following are follow-up options upon submitting the form EXCEPT: • Redirecting to a thank you page • Sending form notifications to a particular email address • Sending a follow-up email • Adding the new contact to a particular list In order to ensure that the main navigation is not included on your landing page you must: • Pick a template to use that does not include your navigation • Go into the CSS for that page and remove the navigation • Delete the navigation within the page editor • Go into Content Settings and turn off navigation for all Landing Pages

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Your co-worker Leslie is worried that her landing page isn’t converting enough new leads. Which of the following is the most important metric to look at on your Landing Page dashboard to determine if this is true • Views • Form views • New contacts rate • New customer rate True or False: According to best practices this landing page should include the “botched outdoor adventures” link within the copy. • True - providing links gives visitors a chance to learn more before getting the offer • False - remove all links so that visitors aren’t distracted and focus on filling out the form According to best practices which of the following headlines should be used on this landing page Open full-size image in a new tab • "Learn How to Avoid Being Bamboozled by a Travel Agency" • "Have You Been Bamboozled by a Travel Agency" • "Free Guide: Avoid Being Bamboozled by a Travel Agency" • "Download the Free Guide: Avoid Being Bamboozled by a Travel Agency" To make this a fully optimized landing page which of the following elements should be included on this landing page Open full-size image in a new tab • A An image • B Social sharing buttons • C Social following buttons • A B • B C • A B C

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Which of the following concepts best describes how long website forms should be • Form length should take into account the contact’s perceived value of the offer behind the form • Form length is primarily decided by the information you need to collect as a marketer • Only as many questions as are necessary to determine a visitor’s buyer persona • Form length varies depending on where a contact is in the Buyer’s Journey and gets shorter as the contact continues through the Buyer’s Journey True or False: You’re going to be working the Fifth Season booth at an outdoor adventure and travel expo. Your co-worker Jerry is going to set up a laptop so that you can capture new leads on it. Jerry needs to turn off cookie tracking on the form in order for this to work properly. • True • False Your boss Ron says that the sales team needs to have a phone number field on every form so they can close more sales. Ron asks you what the best approach would be. How would you respond • "We’d have better success with asking questions that are aligned with the Buyer’s Journey. The sales team shouldn’t call a lead that has only requested one ebook offer." • "Placing a phone number onto every form does ensure the highest number of sales." • "We can place a phone number field onto every form but only if it is a smart field." • "Our conversion rates would be higher without a phone number field. We should only ask for phone numbers when a lead has a lead score over 100." True or False: You should only create one form for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey. • True • False Your company is trying to increase the use of adventure travel for team building and has put together a guide to all of the summer events happening at Fifth Season. Which of the following fields is appropriate to include in the form on the landing page for this offer • Zip code • Phone number

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• Average household income • Occupation True or False: You can only select one person to receive an automated email when a form has been submitted in HubSpot. • True • False Which form field should you add in order to segment your two buyer personas Business Beth and Adventurous Amy Open full-size image in a new tab • How would you describe yourself • What is the size of your company • Where do you vacation • Which best describes your role at work Fill in the Blank: The last form field is missing ________. • a label • a name • help text • a default state Which of the following is NOT a reason to use help text in the phone number field • To help visitors understand that the field is required • To help visitors understand how to format their phone number • To ensure consistency between responses • To help visitors know to include their country and area code

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True or False: On the example form the field “Number of Travelers” allows you to segment the lead into either the Adventurous Amy or the Business Beth persona. • True • False True or false A thank you page should never contain social follow buttons. Instead it should only have social sharing buttons. • True • False Your co-worker Tom created a landing page for your company’s latest content offer “A Guide to the Thirty Best Public Parks in the World”. Tom asked you if he can use an inline thank you message rather than a thank you page to save time. How would you respond to Tom • Thats a bad idea - we wont be able to re-engage our new lead and move them further into the Buyers Journey • That’s a good idea - while an inline thank you message doesnt work for Decision stage offers its just as effective as a thank you page for Awareness stage offers • That’s a bad idea - since its a downloadable offer the only way to deliver the guide is with a thank you page • That’s a good idea - an inline thank you message is just as effective as a thank you page Social sharing buttons on a thank you page should provide a link to the landing page so you can generate new leads. • True • False Should this thank you page include a main navigation menu • Yes - a thank you page should contain a navigation menu for leads to browse your site • No - a thank you page should be free from distractions including a navigation menu

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The entire Fifth Season sales team has a commitment to responding to all consultation requests within 48 hours during the workweek. Whats the best way to describe that on the thank you page • Thanks - youll get a call within the next 1-3 business days • Thanks for signing up • Thanks - youll hear from us by the end of the week • Thanks - you’ll get an email shortly Which of these is NOT an outcome of implementing closed-loop marketing • Increased ability for sales to prioritize leads • More insight into which marketing campaigns were successful • Insight into why customers stopped paying for a product or services • Insight into which leads are most likely to become customers Your colleague Leslie asks you if HubSpot can gather and store specific customized information about your company’s leads. Specifically she is interested in tracking information like “Has requested a free consultation” and “Is interested in family travel.” Which of the following is the BEST response to Leslie’s question • Yes - Custom contact information can be tracked in an already-existing catch-all field on each contact record called “Notes” • Yes - HubSpot allows you to build custom contact properties to track such information • No - You would have to use a CRM like Salesforce to track custom information • Yes - However you would have to get a developer to engineer a solution Ron is surprised to find two contact records for the same lead in HubSpot. What should Ron do to fix this issue • Go to the individual contact record and select the option to “Merge” the two contact records • Delete the newer of the two contact records • Email the contact and ask them which is the more accurate profile • Export the information combine the information and import it as a net new contact

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A contact has emailed you and requested that they be opted-out of email communication. Where in HubSpot would you go to opt-out an individual contact • Inside the Email tool • In Contacts Settings • On the contacts individual contact record • You cannot manually unsubscribe one person from HubSpot. The contact will have to go into his most recent email and press “Unsubscribe” Why might two contact records exist in HubSpot for the same person • A contact hit the submit button twice in a row when filling out a form • A contact was imported as a lead then later filled out a form • A contact was imported as a lead and later became a customer • Two different email addresses have been used for a contact creating two contact records While importing a list of contacts Leslie accidentally imports a contact with an email address already tied to one of your existing contacts. As a result she’s accidentally overwritten the contact’s phone number with new information. How can Leslie recover the contact’s original phone number • You can only recover historical information if you are integrated with a CRM. • On an individual contact record clicking on "See history" next to a contact property will show all historical values for that field. • HubSpot doesnt store historical values for contact properties so there isnt much that can be done for Leslie. • Leslie can access the historical version of a contact profile and roll back the whole record to a previous date. Fill in the blanks: _______ and ________ are the two most popular and recommended principles to guide the way you segment your contact database. • Industry buyer personas • The buyer’s journey buyer personas • Industry the buyer’s journey • Subscriber preference behavior

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Fill in the Blank: Form submission information and survey responses are both examples of ______ data. • explicit • implicit True or False: Lifecycle lists suppression lists and lists that track offer engagement are all examples of effective static lists. • True • False Ron wants to build a list of anyone who has purchased a product from Fifth Season in the last year who also works in the travel industry. Which type of logic should he use to build his list • “And” logic • “Or” logic • “Branching” logic • “If-this-then-that” logic Leslie is hosting a webinar and wants to ensure that the logic Tom used to create the attendance list is correct. When Leslie goes to check the list logic she finds that it doesn’t exist. How come • You can only access the logic for static lists and Tom built the list as a smart list • You can only access the logic for smart lists and Tom built the list as a static list • You cannot access the logic of a list once it has been created • Leslie’s account does not have permission to view list logic How can you add an individual contact to a smart list • You wont need to add an individual contact to a smart list because they will already be on the list. • Go to the individual contact record and add the contact to the desired smart list. • Import the desired contact into the smart list. • You shouldnt do this because this would change the logic of the smart list and would remove other contacts from the list.

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True or False: Every contact property that exists in HubSpot is available to use for list segmentation. • True • False Leslie wants to build a list of every contact in her company’s portal that will update when new contacts get added. Which of the following would be the accurate way to do this in HubSpot • Select “Export All Contacts” from the Lists dashboard • Use the property “First Name” and select “simply has this property” • Use the property “Email” and select “simply has this property” • Select “Export All Contacts” from the Contacts Home dashboard Your boss Ron wants to know why a contact was marked ineligible to receive an email. All of these are reasons the contact could have been marked as ineligible EXCEPT: • They previously unsubscribed from email communication • They did not open 10 of your emails in a row • They hard-bounced on the last email you sent them • They marked one of your emails as spam True or False: After importing a list of contacts into HubSpot from another email system like MailChimp or Constant Contact you are allowed to email these contacts even if they previously opted-out. • True - Since HubSpot is a new system you have a “clean slate” to email these contacts • True - Though only for U.S.-based contacts. Several international laws forbid this practice • False - Once a contact has opted-out of email communication you should not email them again regardless of the platform • False - The HubSpot system will not let you import unsubscribed contacts so you cannot email them All of the following are places you can use a personalization token in an email EXCEPT: • Subject line • Preview text • Email copy

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• From email address Fill in the Blank: _____ is the process of building relationships with prospects with the goal of earning their business when they are ready. • Lead nurturing • The Buyer’s Journey • Lead qualification • Lead building Which of these metrics is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of your subject line • Click Rate • Open Rate • Delivery Rate • Bounce Rate You would like to increase the reach of this email. All of the following are strategies that would be an appropriate way to increase the reach EXCEPT: • Send an additional email to encourage readers to share the first email if they found it helpful or relevant • Adding a call-to-action to encourage readers to share the email with a colleague • Creating a web-based version of the email so you can post it on your website • Adding social sharing buttons You want to add one more link in this email to drive readers to the ebook’s landing page. Where should you put it • Link your name to the landing page • Change the P.S. to also promote the ebook • Link the image of the ebook to the landing page • Place the link above the “Hi there” introduction

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All of the following are effective ways to optimize this email signature EXCEPT: • Adding a P.S. that contains an enticing link • Listing out all of the different services you provide • Changing the signature to come from an individual not the company • Providing an additional way to connect like Twitter or a phone number True or False: Buyer personas are purely fictional representations of your ideal customer. They depend on specific tools and technology that the persona is using and are based on your specific real-life customers. Ans: True or False: April your colleague wants to update the embedded call-to-action on Fifth Season’s homepage which isn’t hosted on HubSpot. After improving the call-to-action April needs to update the embed code so the changes are reflected on the website. Ans: What is the best way to organize your thank you pages in HubSpot Ans: Your boss Ron has asked you to add in your buyer personas into the Persona tool. After you’ve added them in you realize that a number of smart lists have been created. There are a few lists that you don’t think you will use. Are you able to delete these lists Ans: All of these are examples of using context in your email sending strategy EXCEPT: Ans: After sending an email and looking at the analytics you are disappointed at the results this email received. All of these would be appropriate ways to increase email engagement EXCEPT:

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Ans: Which of the following calls-to-action would BEST move the lead further through the Buyers Journey on this thank you page Ans: Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate call-to-action to place at the bottom of this blog post Ans:

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