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Increase the wear resistance of stainless steel through nitriding solutions. The thin film plasma nitriding equipment use vacuum process for modification of surfaces. We specialize in pulse plasma ion nitriding in the United States to rig stiff apps.


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Advanced Nitriding Solutions :

Advanced Nitriding Solutions Our Services include: Ion & Gas Nitriding, Plasma Nitrocarburizing, and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing and black oxide corrosion protection. Welcome To

About Us.:

About Us. We have the equipment and personnel to tackle the most difficult applications. Our equipment capability and control systems exceed that of our competitors allowing processes outside the typical parameters of conventional equipment. In conjunction with our experienced staff, we not only can achieve customer specifications where others were incapable, but also show improvements in life expectancy and consistency in more typical processes. To supplement our plasma furnaces, we also offer conventional gas nitriding. We serve customers in the United States, Canada and throughout North America from our state-of-the-art facility in Batesville, Indiana.

Ion Plasma Nitriding:

Ion Plasma Nitriding Nitriding in pulse glowing discharge (Plasma Nitriding or Ion Nitriding) is an efficient method to increase hardness and wear resistance of metals and alloys. The basic technological advantage of this method is the low temperature at which the process is conducted (800-1200°F), resulting in very small dimensional deformations and distortions. Ion Plasma Nitriding of components is characterized by their active participation in glow discharge,


Plasma Nitriding The Plasma nitriding process produces high surface hardness, good wear resistance , increased fatigue strength and toughness.This is an environmental friendly process with lower energy consumption and reduced gas consumption.This process provides better dimensional stability due to lower process temperature and uniform heating.Some of the applications of plasma nitriding are cutting tools, forging dies, molds for transfer molding and compression molding of polymers, machine and automotive parts like gear wheels , valves , lifters , cams and crankshafts.


Nitriding In Canada The Advanced Nitriding Solutions is a service provider and developer of ion plasma nitriding & carburizing technologies and solutions.They specialize in nitriding in Canada offering metal heat treating solutions and delivering innovative technology.With innovative gas nitriding process developer and gas nitriding system , the gas nitriding technology brought greater wear fatigue and corrosion resistance to ferrous or non-ferrous materials , qualities much sought after by anyone whose product manufacturing activities involve any heat treatment process.


Plasma Nitriding Equipment The modern plasma nitriding equipment includes hot wall plasma nitriding and low temperature nitrocarburising equipment.In the hot-wall type plasma nitriding installations, the heating of the parts in the vacuum chamber is done by both heaters and pulsed plasma.The pulse plasma generator and its defense mechanism a power transformer , a three phase thyristor rectifier , a power chokes , filters and contractors assembled for different supply voltages and mains frequencies.


Contact Us. Business Name: Advanced Nitriding Solutions Name: Mr. Jeff Street: 1688 lammers pike City: Batesville State: IN Country: USA Zip Code: 47006 Email Id: Phone: 18129321010


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