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Social Networks & Their Impact on Students & Education:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 1 Social Networks & Their Impact on Students & Education Effective Analysis & Mining Tactics

Humans are Social Beings:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 2 Humans are Social Beings Civilized humans always live and interact in groups Every human is born ‘incomplete’ and needs other humans to survive and thrive Networking bonds are thus necessary for individual and community growth & harmony Networking needs maintain balance of power and peace amongst people and communities

Social Networks - Past:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 3 Social Networks - Past Social networks spanned culture/caste, arts, trade & geographic afilliations Social networks were a source of societal recognition /prestige Social networks brought business prosperity e.g. Guru Social networks ensured security & justice e.g. village sarpanch Social networks spread ‘acceptable behavioural norms ’

Social Networks - Present:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 4 Social Networks - Present Social networks span ‘success-status’ (wealth, competence, knowledge, contacts) Social networks span work/formal groups Social networks span informal groups Social networks span statutory/govt. groups Social networks span special interest groups Social networks span alumni groups Social networks span religion based groups Source for work opportunities, self growth, social solace, world collaboration & peace

Social Networks - Future:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 5 Social Networks - Future Social networks span ‘info-status’ Social networks span skills specialisation Social networks span informal groups Social networks span govt./ world bodies groups Social networks span human interest groups Social networks span ‘glocal’ groups Source for e-community ties, ‘PQ’ development, glocal collaboration & everlasting peace

Global Warming of The ‘Other-Kind’!:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 6 Global Warming of The ‘Other-Kind’! Capitalism is now the dominant ideology Gobalism replaces regionalism 24X7X365 replaces 9X5X6 Internet invades communication space Competence replaces conflicts Skills replace skepticism Economics binds people in everlasting warmth This ‘global-warmth’ creates new business models and role models : BPO & DotCom Business

Facts Driving Social Networking:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 7 Facts Driving Social Networking 47% of global GDP is contributed by TNC 65% of world businesses are SMEs Technology & Info are the new sources of power Collaboration replaces dominance for sustaining power e.g. coalition govt. , G-20 group Internet increasingly used for psychological & pathological well being

Social Networking & Education:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 8 Social Networking & Education Education is the bedrock of civilized socialization Education thrives on free flow of knowledge & info Education is source of new norms of collaboration e.g. internet Education options are increasingly driven by corporate competence needs Education & social networks are ‘made for each other’

Social Networks Mining:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 9 Social Networks Mining Offline networks: one2one : events –work, social & political Online networks: info based : emotions based : special needs based : casual friendship based Telephonic : Group Conferencing work : Tele-classes : Tele-medicine : Tele Counseling

Leveraging Social Networks: Students:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 10 Leveraging Social Networks: Students Prepare for evolving future trends Develop realistic goals Build life strategy maps Build virtual info-libraries Connect with competence Get projects, build experience Prepare for ‘fractional-skills-hire’ future

Leveraging Social Networks: Faculty:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 11 Leveraging Social Networks: Faculty Get insights about future realities Develop better mentoring (and not just teaching) capabilities Benefit from more enriching life strategy maps Build virtual info-libraries Connect with alumni & unique skills Persuade opinion leaders & business leaders, Create a new win-win educational style & infrastructure (online and offline)

Leveraging Social Networks: Professional:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 12 Leveraging Social Networks: Professional Proactively address future possibilities Mentor and get mentored Build realistic life strategy maps Benefit from smart knowledge management Connect with peers, seniors, juniors & opinion leaders Leverage freedom from ‘storage-devices’ , Innovate, simplify and fly

Leveraging Social Networks: Evangelist:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 13 Leveraging Social Networks: Evangelist Prepare for future eventualities Spread competence based harmony Create +ve pressure groups Create info-armed intelligentsia Create new success sources e.g online B2B sourcing from China

Social Networks: Exciting Times Ahead:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 14 Social Networks: Exciting Times Ahead Free flow of competent people like ‘hot money’ P2P outsourcing Find new professional peers, mentors, friends, soul mates Learn new ways of interconnected lives Endless opportunities, lifelong growth & earnings

Preparing Self for Social Networking:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 15 Preparing Self for Social Networking Professional – ‘right time, right skills, right behaviour, right thinking’ Psychological – +ve wellness, “Born2Excel’ attitude Emotional - spiritual harmony Physical – 24X7 fitness, self care always Communication – you, you’re best brand

Social Networks- ‘Power Mantras’:

ANSHUMALI SAXENA Apr 2009 16 Social Networks- ‘Power Mantras’ There is Money in Harmony United we win divided we loose There are no strangers in today’s interconnected world, only people who haven't met Success is a marathon not 100 meter dash Think Global Act Local

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