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Talkback is a web based Customer Feedback Management Solution. It consists of taking feedback on touch screen devices rather than traditional pen and paper method enhancing customer experience. The system gives flexibility of managing and monitoring customer experience across multiple outlets from a centralized place. The system is very simple to use and designed to take care of the need of large organizations which require a centralized system to manage and decentralized system to connect customers with local management team. Its high end business analytic tool also helps management with a plethora of reports which helps give deep insight into the working of business and helps to take decisions for further improvements. For more details visit or mail us at for any requirement.


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Make the most of your customer network , Now !!!

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Talkback is a web-based customer/guest management solution which gives flexibility of managing and monitoring guest experience across multiple properties from a centralized place. The system is very simple to use and designed to take care of the need of large organizations which require  a centralized system to manage and decentralized system to connect guest with local management team. What is Talkback ?

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Difficult to transfer data from paper to proper system Many times forms get misplaced or tampered as a result the information does not reach the right person in the organization. Customers do not enjoy the experience of mundane forms as they feel it is only a eyewash Lack of intelligent business analytics software to analyze data in depth Lack of a centralized system to monitor and compare the performance of various departments of the organizations at various times of the year and also across outlets/branches Traditional pen & paper approach The Need For Talkback

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New Talkback Approach How Talkback Works Feedback is collected by the customers through a all new high end graphical touch screen or email system. This feedback is then instantly transferred to the preconfigured remote server without any user involvement At the server, with the help of our business intelligence software the data is crunched to generate intuitive reports to help company understand those hidden and intrinsic factors that can help manage , monitor and compare various departments across all branches/outlets

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Features Centralized configuration of questionnaire, theme settings, customization Ability to manage, monitor multiple stores/ Centres from a central place Report on Feedbacks count on time-line basis Representation of data using Pie and bar charts Customer Satisfaction Index on monthly basis Monthly and Quarterly report of average rating for a service, specific location or all locations Monthly and Quarterly report of feedback comments for a specific service at a specific or all locations 14 Indian language support to facilitate feedback from all customers. Alerts can be generated over SMS/Email in case a feedback or cumulative feedback metrics go below a threshold limit Email notification can be sent to receive daily/weekly/monthly consolidated reports Salvage a situation: In case a feedback is very poor and local manager/ customer service representative should be immediately alerted, automatic SMS alert can be set Notifications & Customer Attrition Management

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Analytic Reports

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Satisfaction level for all branches at a glance Graph representing feedback count

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Screenshots from Software

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Advance Analytic Reports Monthly Feedback Trend

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Monthly Summary Report

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Sample Feedback Screen

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Advance Analytic Reports Client Sample Question 1

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Advance Analytic Reports Client Sample Question 2

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Our Competitive Advantage Interactive and Dynamic questionnaire: To generate higher response rate End-to-End solution right from designing questions, device layout to configuration and training to the user per site. Web-based solution: Reports can be accessed anywhere giving you flexibility to access as per your wish. Freedom to modify questions as you desire: This is helpful when you want to add a new service to one outlet and see the report before rolling out completely. Central Customer Database: A central repository of customer database with us can save your customer hassle of giving his personal information again and again. Can be deployed anywhere and everywhere: Easy configuration and usage 14 Indian languages support other than English IP add tracking against each feedback for authentication

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Testimonial “With Talkback, we were able to get rid of our multi-locational, multi-versioned in-resort feedback system. In addition, its centralized controls like devising dynamic questionnaires, online reports, SMS/email alerts and more importantly, location specific themes / questions are outstanding. With the SaaS model, we were able to get the roll out much faster. Thanks to TalkBack, we now have a better view of the in-resort feedback with some good analytical abilities.”       Mahesh Manchi - CIO, Mahindra Holidays and Resorts

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And many more……..

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Our Customers

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Our Customers

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