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MANPOWER PLANNING Manpower Planning is essentially the process of getting the number of qualified employees and seek to place the right employees in the right job at the right time, so that an organisation can meet its objectives. Manpower Planning or Human Resource Planning is a forward looking function.


OBJECTIVES Forecast personnel requirements Cope with change Use existing manpower productively Promote employees in a systematic manner


IMPORTANCE Reservoir of talent Prepare people for future Expand or contract Cut costs Succession planning


PROCESS OF MANPOWER PLANNING Forecasting the Demand for Human Resource *External challenge -Economic development -Political, legal, social and technical change -Competition -Organisational decisions -Workforce factors

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-Forecasting techniques Expert forecast Trend analysis -Other methods Workforce analysis( av. loss mp) Work load analysis( job/persons) Job analysis( job description & job specification)

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Preparing Manpower Inventory *Internal labour supply (techniques) -Staffing table( employees / job) -Markov analysis( past / future) -Skills inventory( record match with job) -Replacement chart( profile of people ) *External labour supply

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Determining Manpower Gaps *Demand *Supply *Reconciliation of manpower needed Formulating HR Plans *Recruitment plan( no., type & when ) *Redeployment plan( transfer & retrain ) *Redundancy plan( layoffs ) *Training plans *Productivity plan( job redesign, mech., job simplification ) *Retention plan( tackle turnover) *Control points


RESPONSIBILITY FOR HR Top level executives are resonsible. Plans are laid by HRD in consultation with other dept. heads HRD offer council and advice to dept. heads

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Prof. Geisler outlined responsibilities of HRD as- Assist and counsel operating managers to plan and set objectives. Collect and summarise manpower data keeping long-run objectives and broad organisational interests in mind. Monitor and measure performance against the plan and keep top management informed about it. Provide proper research base for effective manpower and organisational planning.


LIMITATIONS OF HRP Accuracy- Its not possible to track the current and future trends correctly. Support- Top management may not accept the policies of HRD. Number game- Excessive focus on quantitative aspects thereby ignoring qualitative aspects.


EFFECTIVE HRP HR plan must fit in with the overall plan. Consistent support from top management should be there. Up-to-date employee skill inventory. Company should maintain computerised human resource information system. Proper co-ordination between HRD and other depts.

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