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Marketing plan for lakme Neha saxena Ronak gala Priyanka gharat Rupal upadhyay Manisha dasan Mariyam qazi Group members:

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About the industry The cosmetic industry is a profitable business for most of the manufacturers of cosmetic products. The cosmetic industry worldwide seems to be continuously developing, now more than ever with the advent of the Internet companies. Many famous companies sell their cosmetic products online also in countries in which they do not have representatives. Given the technological development and the improvement of the manufacturing process of cosmetics and not least due to the constantly increasing demand of such products, this industry reported an important growth in terms of profit.

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Half a century ago, as lakme took her steps into freedom, Lakme, first beauty brand was born. Lakme tapped into what would grow to be amongst the leading, high consumer interest segments in the Industry that of skincare and cosmetic products. Armed with a potent combination of foresight, research and constant innovation. Lakme has grown to be the market leader in the cosmetics industry . Lakme today has grown to have a wide variety of products and services . About company

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Several Multinational companies such as : REVLON,YARDLY,GARNIER,L’OREAL entered in the market .These companies initially cashed on their international brand . Revlon, ponds & Avon with the major part of the rest . Other international brand in the sector include L’Oreal some , of them engaged in the level if marketing model for their products Competitors of lakme

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Products of lakme Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash Lakme Discover Glow

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Lakme Night Fever Summer Lakme perfect Readience fairness range

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Cleansers Moisturisers

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Marketing plan for 2010-2011

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Lakme is an Indian brand of cosmetics, owned by Unilever, it started as a 100% subsidiary of Tata Oil Mills which is a part of the Tata Group. Lakme also started its new business in the beauty industry by setting up Lakme Beauty Salons all over India. Now HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) has about 110 salons all over India providing beauty services. Lakme also started its new business in the beauty industry by setting up Lakme Beauty Salons all over India Executive summary

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Table of contents Situation analysis Swot analysis Marketing strategy Promotional strategy Financial projections

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Industry analysis: The more cosmetic utilization by Indian women brought more competitors to Indian beauty sector. According to growth rate, the market provides wide opportunities to local and global players. The Indian beautification sector has witnessed fast development in the recent two years. Situation analysis

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Competitor analysis: Competitors of lakme like Revlon and Maybelline are competing at the upper-mass (premium) end cosmetics spectrum. But, Lakme has a wide range of products and prices overall the market Leader. Ranging of competitors from many multinational companies such as Revlon Modi slugging out to chamber, Maybelline & Avon

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Strengths: High quality manpower resources Brand Name Vast range of products and services Distribution Channel Unilever global technology capability Weaknesses: High Services costs Use of Hard Chemicals Swot analysis

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Opportunities: Brand growth through increased consumption depth . Growth in Business of beauty saloons . Lakme Beauty Training academy in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. Threats: Aggressive price competition from local and multinational players . Availability of cheap beauty products . Reports regarding presence of LEAD in lipsticks.

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OBJECTIVE The consumers perception about the LAKME .

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product : Lakme provides a wide range of beauty products Nail enamel should dry within particular time of period. By introducing some kind of fragrance in nail enamel and making nail enamel very quickly dry. Introducing something in Elle 18 nail enamel like, which changing color according to environment changes and to protect nails and high shine finish at all time. Marketing mix- 4 p’s

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Promotional pricing: Elle 18 nail Enamel Company can give price at special event pricing, because Elle 18 nail enamel targeted students to sell their products. Responding to competitor’s pricing: Elle 18 nail enamel’s major competitor is Revlon , if the competitor (Revlon) changes the price means, company have to analyze the market situation and then change the price accordingly. Differentiated price: Elle 18 nail Enamel Company can offer time pricing and image pricing. They can set the price according to quality and quantity of the product. Price:

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Internet as medium Company has its own website to advertise their products. Website: . Sales promotion Lakme Elle 18 offers sales promotion to increase the sales for particular time of period. Company offers rebates and discounts on specific products which products are in low sales. Brand ambassadors Lakme have bollywood Actress as a brand ambassadors like Katrina Kaif and Raima Sen.(Brand ambassador, 2005)(Brand ambassadors). Promotion:

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There is a significant change in market distributional channel of cosmetic products. Distribution places are : Hyper markets Super markets Departmental stores Other distribution places are : Food stores Cosmetic discounters Ware house clubs. Beauty salons Lakme distribution merged with HUL. HUL is having 3000 distributors around the country and lakme have 1000 distributors. Place:

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Department stores, specialty stores and chain department stores, such as Macy's, Neiman-Marcus and J.C. Penney (internationally) and Shoppers’ Stop, VAMA, Westside, Bombay Stores etc (nationally). Direct Sales Direct Mail/TV/Print Free Standing Stores Health Food Stores Salons Drug stores, food stores, cosmetic discounters, warehouse clubs, and mass merchandisers Fashion Week Banners . Promotional strategies

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Financial projections

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Print media

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Electronic media

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Break even analysis Total expenses/price per unit 4,90,00,000/150=326666.667 units Break even point = 326666.67 units on selling

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Returns on investment 45,00,00,000-4,90,00,000 =40,10,00,000

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