pharmacy act 1948

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Chapter-II P C I

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JOINT STATE PHARMACY COUNCIL Two or more State Governments can agree that the State Council of one State is to serve the needs of the participating States. Composition of Joint State Councils: It consists of three different types of members: Elected member Nominated member Ex-officio member. 24

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A . Elected member : 1) 3-5 members elected amongst themselves by the Registered Pharmacists of each of the participating States. 2) One member elected from amongst themselves by the members of each Medical Council of each State. B . Nominated member: 1) 2-4 members nominated by each participating state, of whom more than half possess a degree or diploma in pharmacy or be Registered Pharmacist. 25

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C. Ex-officio member: 1) The Chief administrative medical officer of each participating State. 2) The Government Analyst of each participating state. 3) The officer in-charge of drugs control organisation of each participating State. Executive Committee consisting of: President Vice-president The such other number of the member. 26

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