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Anil Y. Parkar Creative Designer Mobile: 92241 92877 / 8976333176 Email: , ,

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Objective : A position as a Graphic Designer utilising my skills in design, illustration, typography, page layout, advertising, Promotion Presentation and exhibition 3d layout Skills, personal strengths and accomplishments: Accomplished user of Photoshop, Corel DRAW, Pagemaker, 3dmax, Dreamviewer, Flash and unique combination of creativity and nalytical skills. Experience on both PC and Mac platforms. Enthusiastic, energetic, personable, effective, communicator and rapport builder; Professional team player who enjoys challenge, problem-solving, multi-tasking and hard work. Highly self motivated and goal-oriented , professionally  committed to pursuing a long-term career in computer graphics. Offer a 11-year track record demonstration strong analytical and problem solving skills, computer profidency, and ability to follow through with projects. To obtain a position in the graphic design field where I can utilize my creativity and talent to create well-balanced work while also proving to be an asset to your team

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Qualities: Excellent interpersonal skills Organized and disciplined Self-starter with energy and ideas able to work independently, yet strong in a team quick learner and able to take direction Experience: Graphic Designer, Designed Junior, Contemporary, Missy and Plus-sized created artwork for screen prints, placement print, hantags and logos. Developed artwork for prints, determined solid color stories; Created ground-breaking graphic art for logos, placement prints, catalogs, descriptions sheets and advertisements. Supervised and motivated design room staff. Hired models and photographed my collections for catalogs, mailing and editorials. Designed flyers. Hired and managed design room staff. My innovative designs increased company promotions.

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Unique Selling Point is passé! Emotional Selling Point is cool! New scientific research reveals message in advertising is irrelevant ; it’s the creativity and emotion that connects with consumers. It’s not what you say, but the way you say it, that gets results. U nique S elling P oint is passé! E motional S elling P oint is cool! ADVERTISING Campaign Single Ad

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ABOVE THE LINE advertising Newspapers Magazines Radio Television Outdoor, and Internet Cater to the following media in Outdoor: Hoarding Kiosks Bus shelters Best buses / Inter-city buses Malls / theaters Complete in-shop branding with a concept Print media = 2 X other media Top-level research has revealed print advertising obtains almost a double return-on-investment (ROI) compared to other media. Magazines score far better at building brand favourability and purchase intent.

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BELOW THE LINE advertising Brochure corporate docket Single page hand-out Standees Flex Logos Brochures Newsletters CD design / printing Giveaways Raising the pulse Every touch point with the customer builds or breaks a brand. The basic elements of packaging, signage, and display are all replete with possibilities for engaging shoppers and extending the influence of above-the-line activities into the aisle.

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HR COMMUNICATION Recruitment ads HR - internal communication HR - interior branding HR out sourcing CSR activities Rules of Attraction in Recruitment ads Talk directly to the desired candidate Offer tangible benefits of the position offered in the minds of the reader Incite action and make application easy Position the company in a positive and professional way

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PUBLISHING Magazine design and compilation

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Brand Communication – Internal

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EXHIBITION Pre exhibition solutions Stand designing and fabrication Display panels designing Give-away Signages Post exhibition follow up Converting visitor curiosity into a ‘real connection’ Exhibition is the only instance where a consumer willingly walks into your stall. Hence, quite understandably- one’s stall must be attractive. But there are equally vital aspects to be taken care of: Corporate brand image. Hospitality accorded to visitors. Adequate time to important customers.

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Three side open stalls

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Two side open stalls

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One side open stalls

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Maxima System

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IT/ Web based E-mail marketing Edm marketing Web designing Web banners E- haviourial advertising Screen savers PPT presentation Interactive ppt maximum of 25 - 30 pages The wide net of web advertising Web advertising has grown beyond imagination since its origin in early 1990’s. It has today singlehandedly created a more interactive way to shop and buy for nearly 14 billion worldwide internet users, a majority of them educated and capable of becoming regular buyers.

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LED signages

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Anil Y. Parkar 103/B4, Lohia Nagar, St. Francis Road, Near Milan Sub-way Vile Parle (West) Mumbai-400 056. Mobile: 92241 92877 / 8976333176 Email: ,

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