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Looking For Alaska By: John Green:

Looking For Alaska By: John Green PowerPoint Presentation by: Braidyn Armstrong 2/17/14 Block 4

Characters and Settings:

Characters and Settings The main characters in ‘Looking for Alaska’ include : ~ Miles “ Pudge” Halters ~ Alaska Young ~ Chip Martin “Colonel” ~Takumi The main setting takes place at Culver Creek Boarding school.

Exposition :

Exposition As the year progresses Pudge and friends provide many pranks towards the Weekday Worriers, also known as the preppy, rich kids. But not only does he have to deal with having a little fun now and then, he has to fight the complete fact that the one person he loves is taken and will never actually be his.


Conflict As the year progresses, fun memories are made and new challenges erupt. The few friends will become closer as they spend Thanksgiving together and experience family in a different way.

Rising Action:

Rising Action As the quadruplet come together to pull the biggest prank of all, there is the danger of them getting arrested. But when someone so close to Alaska is forgotten, urgency will come over the sense of common sense. As Alaska goes missing, no one will want to know what actually happened to the girl with the unread library.


Climax After finding out Alaska has died from a terrible car accident, everyone is devastated. Everyone thinks it was all by accident but Pudge and Colonel believe there’s more to it than just that.

Falling Action:

Falling Action As the duo begin their investigation into the real reasons why Alaska was driving late at night at dangerous speeds to get somewhere. It’s not to her rock star boyfriends house. She has no family and as from they know of she didn’t really socialize with the kids she grew up with.


Resolution As the school year comes to an end the two friends learn that forgetfulness was what caused Alaska’s death. Forgetting to put flowers on her deceased mothers grave and feeling ashamed, Alaska rushed to get there in time but was stopped by the hand of death.

Why I recommend this book?:

Why I recommend this book? I recommend Looking for Alaska because it is fun, exciting, and a very mysterious book. It involves a lot of action and a little bit of drama. If you are one for those kinds of books I would get it if it were you.

John Green’s Success :

John Green’s Success

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