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U.S. Government Local Government:

U.S. Government Local Government Chapter 10

County Government:

County Government County A district into which a state is divided for purposes of local government County seat Place where county offices are located During the early history of the United States, counties existed to take care of rural areas. For people in areas far from a town, the county government was the only government they had. Today, the county government usually serves an area that has several towns or cities. It can be the largest unit of local government. Each state has a different number of counties. In each county, a city or town serves as the county seat , like a state capital. California’s Counties

Who Runs the County Government?:

Who Runs the County Government? county board of supervisors The county government is usually run by a county board, which is a group of elected officials. Other names for the groups that run a county government are: board of commissioners board of supervisors or commissioner’s court They pass laws about public health and welfare. The county board may also set the

What Other Duties Are Handled by County Officials?:

What Other Duties Are Handled by County Officials? County officials are elected to carry out special duties: The sheriff is the chief county law enforcement officer. Carries out court orders. Arrest people who break laws. In charge of county jail. A county clerk keeps records of births, deaths, and marriages in the county. The clerk also keeps copies of deeds, which are records of sale of land or buildings. The county treasurer in charge of the money collected and spent by the county. The county auditor examines and checks county financial records and sees that they are correct. The prosecuting attorney or district attorney prosecutes , or brings legal action against, people who have violated county or state laws. Large counties have purchasing agent, coroner, public defender, & public health nurse.

Lesson 1 Review:

Lesson 1 Review Write the word from the Word Bank that best complete each sentence. A _________is usually the largest type of local government. Local governments receive a ___________from the state legislature. The county board manages ___________construction and zoning regulations. The sheriff carries out court orders and is in charge of the county_________. The treasurer is in charge of the collecting and spending of county_________. Which two of the activities of county government do you think are most important to individual citizens? Give reasons for your answers. Do you think zoning is a good idea? Explain. What do you think?

City Government:

City Government rural urban police forces fire protection road repair clean water public transportation trash collection City governments are responsible for many things. Some of these duties are the following: population growth

Where City Governments Get Their Power:

Where City Governments Get Their Power State legislatures issue city charters to communities that want to become cities. A charter is a plan of government that outlines the powers given to a city. The charter permits a city to have a governing group separate from the areas around it.

Where Do Local Governments Get Funds?:

Where Do Local Governments Get Funds? Three kinds of taxes 1 2 3 property tax sales tax income tax

Where Local Governments Get Funds:

Where Local Governments Get Funds Three kinds of taxes M ain sources of income for local governments: Property taxes town, county or city sets the tax rate Sales taxes Income taxes $ $ $ Property includes land and buildings on it. The value is determined by the town, city or county assessor. The value is called assessed value. Value of property can drop or rise depending on health of property. Tax on items bought like alcohol and cigarettes. Some items are not taxed like food or medicine. Only some local governments tax incomes. Oth er sources include fees for licenses, or 1/3 from state and federal monies.

How are Cities Governed?:

How are Cities Governed? 2013 South Lake Tahoe Mayor Tom Davis Three forms of government 1 2 3 Mayor-council (most common) Commission Council-manager


Mayor-council In a mayor-council city government, the chief executive or leader is called the mayor . This is the most common type of government. The mayor and council are elected by voters. Each member of the council may represent a ward, or section in a city. Either the mayor or the council appoints the heads of the departments that operate the city. For instance, they appoint a head of police, fire, parks, and public works.


Commission Commissioners There is no elected mayor is a commission form of city government. There are a group of commissioners who work together to run the government. There usually is a commissioner chosen to act as a mayor by running meetings and represents the commission in important ceremonies. Each commissioner heads one of the city’s departments . City departments may include finances, police and fire protection, health care, and recreation.


Council-Manager Council-manager city government is also called city manager plan. It has an elected council that acts as the city’s lawmaking body. The city is run like a business. The council hires a city manager who handles the city’s business under the direction of the council. The city manager appoints department heads. Hired by the city council Elected by the people Appointed by the city manager

Other Kinds of Local Governments:

Other Kinds of Local Governments Small communities may be called towns, townships, boroughs, parishes, or villages . Most have received a charter from the state to operate. The smaller the community the more likely the government will be simple with less departments and services. Many mayors and council members are volunteers. A mayor-council government is often used in these communities. New England Towns Towns are the basic unit of government. The town has a form of government called a direct democracy where voters gather to conduct town business. Meetings are held once a year or more if necessary. The town’s officers are elected at the yearly meeting. This type of government began during colonial times. Meetings were popular events then and most everyone attended. Since attendance has dropped, representatives are elected to attend. New England states


Townships Villages and Boroughs Some Middle Atlantic and Midwestern regions have township governments found in rural parts of counties. People elect officials to serve on a board of commissioners or trustees. A trustee is a person who is given power to act for others. The board makes rules and regulations for the township. The board may have a tax collector, clerk, and justice of the peace. Communities with about 200 families may become villages or boroughs. They run their own government. The also: Collect taxes street repairs fire protection Most official work part-time because there is not enough business. When they become too large, they may request a city charter from the state legislature.

Chapter Review:

Chapter Review Local governments receive________ from the states. In most states, the county government takes care of public health and________. The__________ is in charge of how money is collected and spent for the county. Financial records are examined by the county________. The _________is the county’s chief law enforcement officer. A county __________is the place where county offices are located. The prosecuting or district ___________ prosecutes people who violate laws. What does zoning in a county determine? What does the county clerk do? What is a sales tax? What type of city government is still used in some New England towns? 12. How does the commission form of city government operate? attorney auditor charters seat sheriff treasurer welfare Word Bank

Review Continued:

Review Continued Critical Thinking What services not mentioned in the chapter do you think cities provide for citizens? Why do you think there are so many different forms of city governments? What do you think are some ways students can become involved in their city’s government?

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