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High school introduction to the legislative branch.


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US Government Chapter 4:

US Government Chapter 4 The Legislative Branch

The Federal Government:

The Federal Government

The Congress The Lawmakers:

The Congress The Lawmakers Congress is called the legislative branch of the government. The legislative branch was mentioned in Article I of the Constitution. Congress is made up of two groups 1. The Senate , and 2. The House of Representatives

Leader of the Senate:

Leader of the Senate Vice President Joe Biden I call on members to speak and to introduce questions for a vote. I cannot debate or vote unless there is a tie. The vice president tends to be busy and is present only for the very important debates. When he is not around, there is the president pro tempore to fill in his duties. Pro tempore is Latin for “temporary”.

Who Can Be a Senator?:

Who Can Be a Senator? Barbara Boxer has been California’s senator since 1993. We vote for our senators every 6 years. California’s US Senator Barbara Boxer California’s US Senator Dianne Feinstein Senator Dianne Feinstein has been California’s Senator since 1992. Democrat Democrat 1. Must be at least 30 years old , 2. Must live in U.S. for at least nine years , 3. Must be a resident of the state they represent . They have a six-year term .

The Representatives:

The Representatives 435 total To be a representative, you must: Be 25 or older Be a U.S. citizen For seven years Two year term in office Be a resident of the state a nd district you live in California currently has 53 U.S. representatives. They serve a two year term in office and then they would need to be reelected.

Representatives and Districts:

Representatives and Districts Representative Tom McClintock Republican representative, of the 4 th Congressional district. There are 435 districts throughout the U.S. There are 53 in California. Each districts has a representative. The average population per district is 710,767 people. South Lake Tahoe’s Representative

The Leader of the House:

The Leader of the House John Boehner Speaker of the House Republican The leader of the House of Representatives is known as the Speaker of the House . The Speaker is elected by the majority party members to serve for two years. The speaker 1. leads sessions , 2. decides who may speak , 3. calls for votes , 4 . places members of the House on committees , and 5 . makes sure everyone is following the rules.

Review of The Senate and The House of Representatives:

Review of The Senate and The House of Representatives Name the two parts of Congress What are the requirements to be a senator? What are the requirements to be a representative? Briefly explain what a district is or what is means. Name two elected officials mentioned in this presentation and what their role is.

How Congress Works:

How Congress Works Duties Make laws Collect taxes Maintain the armed forces Regulate trade Punish certain crimes Suggest amendments Check on the other branches (Executive and Judicial). Can accuse or impeach a public official if they have committed a crime Floor leaders Tell other senators and representatives about new bills that will be voted on. Work closely with Speaker of the House and leader of the Senate to manage debates and committee business.

How Laws are Made:

How Laws are Made What is a bill? A bill is an idea for a new law or a change in an old law . The idea can come from citizens who write their senators or representatives with a suggestion! The president, senators, and representative can also suggest ideas for bills. task Please spend a few minutes writing an idea you would like a Congress person to consider. It could be anything from improving road conditions, public school equipment, job opportunities, or crime prevention. Name a representative or senator you would send it to.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Bill introduced in Senate or House Sent to committee Bill dropped or approved If approved, bill sent to subcommitee Bill debated in House or Senate If approved, sent to other house If both approve, sent to president President signs bill into law or vetoes bill Bill dropped or approved If approved, bill sent back to committee Bill dropped or approved If approved, bill back on Senate or House calendar if vetoed, bill becomes law if passes Congress by 2/3 majority 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th LAW Bill introduced Bill at committee Bill at subcommittee Bill at committee again Bill at Senate or House Bill with President Bill at Congress

PowerPoint Presentation:

More on Committees Standing Committees Subcommittees Joint committees Select committees Conference committees Congressional committees

PowerPoint Presentation:

Chapter Review A__________committee works on a bill that must be changed before it can go to the president. A. standing B. subcommittee C. c onference D. presidential A committee can approve a bill and give it to the __________ or House to consider and vote on. A. people B. Population C. Senate D. President What are the three main branches of the federal government? Which branch is Congress? Describe three steps a bill must take before it becomes a law. The leader of the House of Representatives is the _______of the House. Why might the president use a pocket veto? (this is an opinion question)

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