Education or Experience - What matters the most?

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Education and experience has always been a topic of discussion and debate. The only answer that justifies this debate is "It Depends". In different situations, the answer varies. Some give importance to education while other prefer experience. This presentation is created by and gives a brief overview of this topic


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Education OR Experience:

Education OR Experience What matters the most?

Education :

Education Education in general is the exchange of knowledge that starts from an expert and move towards a student.


Experience Experience is the form of learning that comes after an encounter of certain duty or responsibility.

Education Vs Experience:

Education Vs Experience In the debate of education vs. experience, no one wins. Because both of them cannot be substituted.

For Example:

For Example Let’s take two examples, Ben apply for a job for sales executive and have a Master’s of Marketing degree but no sales background. On the other hand Jack applies for a job for Marketing Manager has enough experience of sales but holds no degree.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Who best fits the job? In reality no one, because both have different scenarios and conditions and both applied for a wrong job. Sales job require experience while management job needs a degree.

Bottom Line:

Bottom Line Both have its own importance and need but if one is on the first step of his career ladder than he first choose earning an academic degree because this will support him in gaining a good experience. For further details and relevant issues, Visit:

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